body mass index

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a measure of someone's weight in relation to height

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"Recently I went on a BMI calculator where they gave you an equivalent celebrity for your weight.
For access to great tools including a Pregnancy Weight Tracker, a Recommended Weight Gain by BMI chart, and a BMI Calculator, visit IOM Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy.
A BMI Calculator for toddlers and teens is freely available at the Centres for Disease Control website.
Weight and height were transformed to BMI values by BMI calculator while MUAC values transformed to nutritional status using Epi-info [14].
BMI calculator is used to calculate personalized mass index for users as given in Figure 3.
BMI was determined by entering height and weight values into an online BMI calculator provided by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (32).
Visit to find a BMI calculator where you can enter your details to find out what you are.
If you search the Internet for "BMI calculator," you can find free online programs that provide your BMI using your height and weight.
With only your height and weight, you can use a BMI calculator (conduct a search at to get an estimate of what your weight status means for your overall health.
The companion website contains a BMI calculator, a chemistry review, an interactive glossary, links and journals, quizzes and other learning tools, and recipes.
You can check your child's (and your own) BMI with the interactive BMI calculator located on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at
Aviva have a range of healthrelated support and advice on their website, including information on nutrition and health tools such as a BMI calculator and calorie counter.
With features like BMI calculator and blood pressure manager one can actually keep one's health on the right track," says Katyal.
The promotion, under the main theme, "Win Your Way to Healthy Living", provides shoppers an opportunity to win valuable prizes designed to encourage them to embark on a healthy lifestyle - such as diet packages, gym membership, Nintendo Wii Sports, Polar watches, pedometers, and BMI calculator, among other items.