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a measure of someone's weight in relation to height

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bmi british midland has also announced its intent to upgrade to Direct Sell status giving it the ability to sell seats from Worldspan's neutral availability screen.
bmi british midland said it was set to axe up to 600 jobs because of the reduction in air travel since the US terrorist attacks.
The firm handles checkin, baggage and aircraft towing for BMI British Midland, Air Canada and Lufthansa among others.
A Sunday newspaper said members of The Airline Group, which is made up of British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, BMI British Midland, easy Jet, MyTravel Airways, Monarch and Thomsonfly, were looking at offloading the group's 42% share of Nats it acquired in 2001.
bmi british midland and United Airlines are seeking government approval for an alliance covering flights from London's Heathrow airport to the US.
AIRLINE TALKS: AIRLINE bmi British Midland said talks on closer co-operation with competitors would not scupper a new deal it has made with Teesside Airport, described by airport managing director Hugh Lang, left, as one of the most significant developments in the history of the airport.
But the airport has also seen British Airways withdraw as it cuts capacity while bmi British Midland has scaled down its operations.
Loganair ran its first Sunday flights from Inverness and Edinburgh to Stornoway last week and BMI British Midland is to start direct Sunday flights to Stornoway from Edinburgh later today.
A BMI British Midland spokeswoman said: "It hasn't affected our fleet at all.
It was rebranded BMI British Midland in 2001, which was subsequently shortened to BMI two years later.
British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh yesterday confirmed persistent media rumors that the airline is interested in buying its smaller rival Bmi British Midland. "We would be interested," Walsh told the London Evening Standard.
Bmi can trace its origins to 1949,when founded as Derby Aviation Limited, the airline name British Midland did not start until 1964, becoming bmi British Midland in 2001andlaterbmi.
Lufthansa is taking over majority control of BMI British Midland, the second-largest operator at London Heathrow, in a move that accelerates restructuring in the European airline industry.
The firm handles checkin, baggage and aircraft towing for airlines such as BMI British Midland, Air Canada and Lufthansa.
bmi british midland claims that facilities at London's Heathrow airport should be expanded in order to meet growing demand.