black pudding

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Synonyms for black pudding

a black sausage containing pig's blood and other ingredients

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I suppose a blutwurst once a decade can count as a blood substitute, but the idea of sucking a teenager dry has little appeal.
Which is unsurprising given that I was in the world's wurst capital--home of bratwurst, bierwurst, bockwurst, blutwurst, and braunschweiger, to mention only the Bs--and given that I had had two of the five mentioned above for lunch, plus knackwurst, several types of mustard, and potato salad.
Kelly's pass the Blutwurst, Bitte, about Viennese expressionist Egon Schiele, plays this month at La MaMa E.T.C.
In Germany it is "blutwurst", in France "boudin noir" - what is it called in England?
The Germans enjoy the occasional blutwurst, and in Spain, especially in the north, the soft, almost mousse-y morcilla can be seen in many tapas and pintxos bars.