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Synonyms for blustering

blowing in violent and abrupt bursts

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Young Robin in Hawthorne's "My Kinsman, Major Molineux," for example, also learns to laugh with others, but his blusteringly insistent laughter indicates his desire to disappear into the crowd and does not represent the more worldly-wise desire of Oberon to rejoin the human community, despite his familiarity with its foibles.
Lev Zhurbin, who arranged most of the music in the concert and contributed his own soundtrack to one of the cartoons, gave a blusteringly innocent characterization to Vinni, his voice seeming to come out of the animal's eternally hungry belly.
Much of what we see in him is the effort to deploy a style of masculinity, of swaggering performances of fluency and indomitability, as a way to clear space inside the confines of a received narrative of model-minority achievement, as if that masculine boastfulness, which at some moments is blusteringly homophobic and at others treats parental homophobia with a condescending savoir vivre, might itself do some of the work of assimilation, but in a way gratifyingly separate from the protocols of a previous generation.
However, we do have the potential to once again become that shining city on the hill--a place that leads by example, by what it does and is, not by what it blusteringly says.
Liverpool-born West End star Richard Tate, for whom it was a nostalgic return to the Neptune, played a comically irate Hobson, blusteringly nearing a heart attack as he grew increasingly frustrated by the headstrong trio.