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a promotional statement (as found on the dust jackets of books)

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Based on that, the purpose of this paper is to explore a corpus of textbook blurbs in order to provide evidence of the hybrid character of the textbook genre.
Fryd's author blurb says her life-long dream was to write a "non-boring" book about history.
The stories behind the blurbs had to be set in Liverpool and have at least two child characters.
Now I do not want to give too much importance to the power of blurbs.
In addition to being a novel melding of content and commerce--a sort of trailer for an ad that also plays off the skein's warts-and-all look at the '60s-era ad world--the blurbs aim to keep DVR users' fingers off the fast-forward button.
It had not occurred to me that many of the parents would read the blurbs too, until several told me at the college's fall open house that they were delighted to have a glimpse of the community into which their sons and daughters were moving; as the introductions made the new arrivals feel more at home at college, they also--even Toni's--seemed to reassure the family whom the students had left behind.
I was surprised when I could not find a single poetry review in the November-December 2003 issue, except for a few celebratory blurbs in the "Year's Best" section.
Among the sudden ejaculations of blurbs and interviews, I've read only a single thing on Wiley's paintings that bothers to mention an erotic, despite the voguing so flam-boyantly apparent.
The arts sections of many big-city newspapers are replete with advertising blurbs which studio ad agencies surgically remove from the critics' reviews.
Although the cover is appealing and the blurbs intriguing, only hardcore SF fans and X-Files nuts will truly appreciate this.
This newsletter, "The Blurbs," is distributed with month-end payroll and is mailed to all board members, retired board members, retired employees, many managers of telephone companies in Montana, other affiliate associations, and friends along the way.
Mullen: Well, she said that in a blurb on the back of Muse & Drudge, and, of course, the purpose of blurbs is to get people to pick up the book and, maybe, buy the book.
Some dioceses fill airwaves and billboards with blurbs to attract more men to ordained ministry (no females need apply--not yet anyway).
One section (the Press Lounge) gives news quote, and blurbs on 401(k)issues and another lists career opportunities.
reads some fake computer type that precedes the first chapter), cheesy jacket blurbs from Robert Redford and Stephen King, and occasionally hyperbolic prose, The Hot Zone seems targeted like a cruise missile for the best-seller list.