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receiver consisting of a pair of headphones

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Like its predecessors, HUAWEI TalkBand B5 is a 2-in-1 hybrid device, functioning as a smart Bluetooth headset and smarter health tracker.
Many Bluetooth headsets have not been able to take advantage of always-on voice wake, due to the limited space available for batteries and processors.
The 1.13-inch AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) touchscreen has a resolution of 160 x 300 pixels on the front and a Bluetooth headset and a heart rate sensor below.
"Assistant is not detecting audio when squeezed from lock screen with Bluetooth headset. Even when I set the assistant to detect the hot word and hear audio from wired and Bluetooth headsets."
Wireless Bluetooth Headset with soft cushions, can be switched between 2 paired devices and includes FM & TF card slot
LG recently announced that it has sold its 10 millionth LG TONE Series Bluetooth headset globally since launching the series in October 2010.
Huawei Consumer Business Group chief executive Richard Yu referred to the device as an integrated Bluetooth headset and "smartband," with NFC pairing and Bluetooth 4.1.
Sena offers a full range of Bluetooth headset and intercom units for powersports users, including motorcycle, outdoor sports, industrial and public safety applications allowing users to stay fully connected as well as staying safe with hands free technology.
CAPEX OPEX Average to good quality wired $100 $200/year Lync-compatible headset Things get more interesting if you add a Bluetooth headset to the mix--as personal experience has taught me that they get lost, left at home, batteries die and accidentally get worn in the shower (don't ask).
The first two new "Promate" products from Savox include a lightweight, robust PTT Bluetooth headset and a Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone.
Bose has introduced the Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2, which offers clear and natural conversations even in challenging environments, or when surrounding noise levels change suddenly.
Customers buying the Curve model will receive an in-car charger, in-car phone holder and mono head set while anyone purchasing a BlackBerry Torch will be given the same but instead of the head set, they will get a Bluetooth headset.
No matter what is going on around you--chattering co-workers, airplanes passing overhead, or a full-on riot, you still will be able to hear and be heard using your Bose Bluetooth Headset. This single-ear headset is optimized for speech reproduction and has an advanced technology that measures incoming speech and background noise, then adjusts voice levels automatically and smoothly--so volume controls remain consistent as you move from inside your quiet car to a loud outdoor political rally.