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telephone set with the mouthpiece and earpiece mounted on a single handle

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With the simple touch of a button, the portable speakerphone also allows the user to switch from hands-free operation to patent-pending privacy mode, which converts the unit for use as a Bluetooth handset.
The RED MOTORAZR V3m phone supports Bluetooth handset and handsfree profiles.
Combination of Software and Hardware Means Any Bluetooth Handset is Capable of NFC, Creating a Huge New Audience for Mobile NFC Services
Customers will use their Bluetooth handset to call the NavStar server and with their voice provide a limited amount of information to their destination.
The Motorola H500 Bluetooth Headset supports the Bluetooth handset and headset profiles.
Stroschein is particularly well-known for luxury car installations including the Bluetooth handset installed in the Maybach limousine, all mobile phone holders in Mercedes-Benz cars, including the iPhone holder, and for the handsets in Porsches and BMWs.
They do not have to invest in an expensive Bluetooth handset.
a) The Motorola V3m phone supports Bluetooth handset and handsfree profiles.
a) The MOTOKRZR K1m phone supports Bluetooth handset and handsfree profiles.
The user is thus able to place calls over the Bluetooth handset and to transfer that call to the Bluetooth enabled hands-free phone system in the car.
Bluetooth Developers Conference--CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) today announced that car maker Audi will be using CSR's BlueCore technology to bring Bluetooth technology to the road with the world's first car to be offered with a Bluetooth enabled GSM car phone and a cordless Bluetooth handset.
Yet, the song seems to be on a fast forward mode across Bluetooth handsets in Oman and is a hit with fans of Aaethe beautiful gameAAE, especially those in college campuses and hostels.