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telephone set with the mouthpiece and earpiece mounted on a single handle

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The feature-packed Voyager 3240 Bluetooth handset will be available in India from the first week of October at a price INR 8290.
Celsius' automatic backfilling also means that those applications will be automatically compatible with all new NFC and Bluetooth handsets as they come to market.
a) The MOTOKRZR K1m phone supports Bluetooth handset and handsfree profiles.
The user is thus able to place calls over the Bluetooth handset and to transfer that call to the Bluetooth enabled hands-free phone system in the car.
Bluetooth Developers Conference--CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) today announced that car maker Audi will be using CSR's BlueCore technology to bring Bluetooth technology to the road with the world's first car to be offered with a Bluetooth enabled GSM car phone and a cordless Bluetooth handset.
Yet, the song seems to be on a fast forward mode across Bluetooth handsets in Oman and is a hit with fans of Aaethe beautiful gameAAE, especially those in college campuses and hostels.
The worm writes the word Caribe on the screen and can send a copy of itself to any nearby Bluetooth handsets.
The IP solutions also offers Internet protocol television, providing access to entertainment options that can be downloaded to the in-room flat panel television or to the viewer's laptop, and a Skype-ready keyboard-enabled in-room phones with Bluetooth handsets.
The etyBLU2 wireless headset also comes with multi-point technology for simultaneous operation of two Bluetooth handsets, a low operating-level battery warning function with both audible tone and visual LED, and a simple pairing capability for connecting up to eight different Bluetooth units.
The scala-600[TM] also works with Cardo's BTA II, which converts standard cellular phones into headset compatible Bluetooth handsets, providing users with a refined, crystal-clear hands-free communication experience.
The primary driver for Bluetooth handsets is the desire to connect to Bluetooth mono headsets, nearly 33 million of which shipped in 2005," says Brian O'Rourke, In-Stat analyst.