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(computer science) an electronic device that must be attached to a computer in order for it to use protected software

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The CoolStream Bluetooth adapter works both in the car as well as in the home.
According to a school news release, Katy Whitaker, Tech Prep director, was at Monty Tech recently to present the winners with a check for $3,135 to purchase an interactive, 77-inch white board, known as a "SMART" Board, complete with mobile floor stand, wireless Bluetooth adapter, wireless slate, mouse and projector.
Then there is the Bluetooth adapter, which when plugged into a printer's USB port gives you the same benefit of a networked printer, minus the messy cabling.
Belkin is bringing its wireless technology into the iPod home theater realm with the TuneStage BlueTooth adapter for the iPod.
49 pounds sterling USB Bluetooth Adapter that enables any PC or notebook computer with a USB port to communicate wirelessly with any Bluetooth v1.
I found the regular model for as low as $89, and the version with the Bluetooth adapter for as low as $149.
Another wireless development appearing in late January was Boston-based TDK Systems' announcement of a Bluetooth adapter for the Compaq iPAQ handheld computer.
The company said it will enhance the solution for current Mercedes-Benz cars by retrofitting a Bluetooth adapter and downloading the corresponding app.
TEHRAN (FNA)- This simple dual SIM GSM Bluetooth adapter allows you to add cellphone capability to your Apple Watch, iPod touch or a Wi-Fi iPad, and can also be used to add additional SIM cards to your iPhone.
Pairing the Bluetooth adapter with your phone or tablet is also similarly easy.
com)-- Accessory Power is pleased to introduce the BlueBar Clip-On Bluetooth Adapter as part of GOgroove's innovative line of personal and portable audio products.
In addition, both printers provide direct printing from digital camera memory cards, "USB DIRECT-PRINT", PictBridge and an optional Bluetooth adapter, the company claims.
Pioneer's AS-BT200 ($99) Bluetooth adapter allows listeners to keep their phones close to them while they enjoy music wirelessly through their home theater systems without the need to connect to a home network.
In addition to all that, T-Systems and Daimler have joined forces to develop an upgrade solution for existing Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which will enable customers to connect to the digital world by retrofitting a Bluetooth adapter and downloading the corresponding app.
The TruStream technology that JBL has implemented does make a bit of difference because at the same location, the JBL managed to hold the Bluetooth signal longer with the iPod Touch than all other speakers we have tested, including the Logitech Bluetooth adapter for docks that don't have the Bluetooth facility built-in.