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The new IC further supports both Bluetooth LE communications and NFC Tag functions, adding ease of both Bluetooth pairing and power on/off functions via touching an NFC-supported smartphone.
MightySat Rx is available in three versions: MightySat Rx, MightySat Rx with Bluetooth LE, and MightySat Rx with Bluetooth LE & PVI.
Scout is the first tracking device to combine GPS, Cellular, and Bluetooth LE with world-class antenna technology in a device small enough for pets and children.
The GUESS CONNECT smartwatches will incorporate Martian's Dual Mode functionality, simultaneously offering voice command functions via Classic Bluetooth while utilizing Bluetooth LE to provide hands-free and eyes-free notifications to the wrist from thousands of popular apps and programs.
Sammy" has a magnetised back and loop fixing, and is powered by Bluetooth LE for up to 50 meters range.
0, Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) support , Nokia Beamer, new and improved Nokia Camera app, Camera Refocus and Nokia Story Teller (photo album feature).
Significant communication protocols in contention for control of the Smart Metering and HAN applications include ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth LE, Powerline, IEEE 802.
2 standard, the IS1870 and IS1871 Bluetooth LE RF ICs, along with the BM70 module, expand Microchip's existing Bluetooth portfolio and carry both worldwide regulatory and Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) certifications.
Lighter Alarm combines smartphone and Bluetooth LE technology to provide a solution to losing lighters.
The system will leverage the Bluetooth LE wireless technology resident on modern smartphones, enabling riders to have their rail fare validated by simply walking through fare-gates equipped with new wireless readers.
Bluetooth LE will be enabled for all Lumia phones running the Windows Phone 8 operating system for compatible gadgets like Adidas MiCoach accessories.
If the Bluetooth LE fails or user's don't have it running on their phone, they can show the bartender their ID and they can find the user in their BarTab app to start the tab.
Praetorian's holistic approach to Internet of Things security testing includes an assessment of the wireless communication protocols used for local device communication, such as ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, and Bluetooth LE, to ensure proper implementation and security best practices.
The kit design and layout enable easy development of embedded solutions that require both mixed-signal capabilities and a Bluetooth LE radio.
The new FutureRailway smartphone app, leverages the Bluetooth LE wireless technology that resides on modern smartphones and will allow transport operators and passengers to conveniently buy and activate rail tickets.