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Synonyms for madder

Eurasian herb having small yellow flowers and red roots formerly an important source of the dye alizarin

color a moderate to strong red

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Tandem pairs of familiar bluets generally can be collected May-September in this area.
The state endangered Turquoise Bluet (Enallagma divagans) was not observed during this particular survey.
Humor also can be found in minor but no less memorable characters such as the sister aunts, Primrose and Jim Allen, or the youngest Fairchild of them all, Bluet, who is always carrying more than she can handle.
Darum nachtmal von anderm wirt es durch gemeinen essen, figurliche, nachtmalen oder abgewechselte redt malzeiten seinem leyb und unterscheyden wird, bluet nach genennt dann andere gemeyne und dardurch von malzeitten [...] andern mallzeiten werden gebraucht zu unterschaiden.
Work with the bluet damselflies (Moody 2002) in Glotzhober's and McShaffrey's Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ohio generated the impetus for this study.
King Ranch bluestem (Bothriochola ischaemum), little bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium), Texas wintergrass (Stipa leucotricha), threeawn grass (Aristida sp.), prickly pear, frostweed (Verbesina virginica), Lindheimer senna (Cassia lindheimeriana), knotted hedgeparsley (Torilis nodosa), prairie bluet (Heydotis nigricans), Drummond skullcap (Scutellaria drumondii), white sweetclover (Melilotus albus), oneseed croton (Croton monanthogynus), Indianmallow (Abutilon incanum), common sorrel (Rumex acetosella), sensitivebriar (Schrankia roemeriana), pepperweed (Lepidium virginicum), and Texas bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis).
NONAGRAM: able; abler; albert; alert; alter; antler; bale; baler; battle; belt; blare; blatter; blear; bleat; blent; blue; bluer; bluet; blunt; blunter; blur; blurt; brutal; burl; butler; earl; elan; lane; late; latent; later; latten; latter; lean; leant; learn; learnt; lent; lube; lunate; lune; lure; lute; nebula; nebular; neural; neutral; nutlet; ratel; rattle; real; rebuttal; renal; rental; ruble; rule; runlet; table; tablet; tale; talent; teal; tubal; tunable; TURNTABLE; turtle; ulna; ulnar; ultra; unable; unreal.
Hawkweed, Fleabane, Ground Ivy, the charming Bluet....
He wore navy bluet rack suit bottoms, and a green shirt with short sleeves.
One plant each of Hedyotis nigricans (narrowleaf bluet), Asclepias tuberosa (butterfly milkweed), and Prenanthes aspera (white lettuce) were located.
* Perennials: Alpine aster, catmint, columbine, coreopsis, delphinium, gaillardia, Jacob's ladder, 'Johnson's Blue' geranium, lamb's ears, lupine, Maltese cross, meadow rue, mountain bluet, painted daisy, peach-leafed bellflower, Oriental poppy, Shasta daisy, Siberian iris, yarrow.
The northeastern center of diversity is dominated by the "bluet" species within the genus (i.e., species having adults that are generally pale blue in base color).
As opposed to simulation methods, Butler (2007) reported on the development of a student-run record label, BlueT.O.M Records, at the University of Memphis, which aimed to give students practical, hands-on experience working for a fully operational, in-house record company.
Other very common odonates observed at most sites include Common Green Darner (Anax junius), Eastern Amberwing (Perithemis tenera), Halloween Pennant (Celithemis eponina), Familiar Bluet (Enallagma civile), and Citrine Forktail (Ischnura hastata).