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a woman having literary or intellectual interests


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Originally pursuing a doctorate in English Literature at Brandeis University, Kadlec left after four years to pursue Bluestockings and other opportunities.
"For many of us her voice has felt as special, as intimate and cherished, as that of a close and particularly beloved relation." Indeed, by the end of the Bluestockings evening, Bowles seemed a familiar if unique character, that glamorous aunt from a bygone era haunted by melancholy yet always the life of the party.
The early screening at Bluestockings and other smaller screenings in our editing room with fellow GEM members allowed us to receive invaluable feedback since everyone brought a different perspective.
Individual topics include Swift and Lord Berkeley, Pope's dedication of the 1736 </Dunciad/> to Swift, re-impressed type in </A Tale of the Tub/, Swift's authorship of "The Difficulty of Knowing One's Self," Swift's </Works/> of the 1750s, Swift and the philosopher's stone, newer light on darker authors, Swift's satire on enthusiasm, Swift and a dull country squire, acclamation by an imperfect muse, Prior's and Swift's Daphne, the art of cosmetics, Swift's self-loathing, Houyhnnmland, Swift amongst the bluestockings, Shaftesbury's aversion, Aldous Huxley as a modern Swift, the economy and anthropology of early eighteenth-century literature, patriotism and discontent, and candid interpretations of Real's take on Swift and his world.
Eger, Bluestockings: Women of Reason from Enlightenment to Romanticism (Basingstoke, 2010).
It was interesting seeing this put to work by a collective member at Bluestockings bookstore in New York City.
I find hope and strength when I engage with Third Root community health center, the Rock Dove healing collective, the open source computer engineers at Eyebeam and NYCResistor, the readings at Bluestockings, and the ongoing work at Ganas, Fourth Arts Block, Interference Archive, Black Women's Blueprint, TimeBanksNYC, Picture the Homeless, The Foundry Theater, WOW Cafe, The Church of Stop Shopping,, Milk Not Jails, INDIGnacion, 596Acres, Callen-Lorde, O4O, CUNY's Public Science Project, Brooklyn Cooperative Credit Union, the Park Slope Food Co-op, and Black Urban Growers.
What unites these essays and the international cadre of historical women they represent--from the famous (e.g., Louise Brooks, Amelia Earhart, Hannah Hoch) to the less studied (e.g., Japanese Bluestockings, the New Negro Woman, the New Woman in Spain)--is their engagement with visual representation, notably photography and film.
The event was held at Bluestockings, a collectively owned and run, radical feminist bookstore in New York City.
Taking inspiration from the 18th century women's movement, The Bluestockings, the group decided to focus on a different theme for intellectual stimulation at each of their monthly get-togethers.
Late eighteenth-century manuscript culture has received limited attention in accounts of the phenomenon by Margaret Ezell and Harold Love, but the rich archival remains of bluestockings such as Hannah More and Mary Hamilton--including letters, diaries, and poetry--have recently shown that there is still much to research.
And just to keep the spirit of Cambridge alive, each of the rooms is themed by college: the Somerville room, one of the first women's colleges, has a photo of a lady in bluestockings, and the Homerton room a picture of a couple dancing in front of Latin American-style tenement buildings (former student Julie Covington scored an international number one with the song Don't Cry for Me Argentina)..
Or, Poets, Publishers, and Bluestockings) by the German poet Annette von Droste-Hulshoff (1797-1848) featured "a fatal bluestocking from the good old days" called "Johanna von Austen." By the same token, it is less perplexing that the tastes and works of this bas bleu were depicted as being out of touch with pre-revolutionary German literary fashions.