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the sky as viewed during daylight

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The new agreement signed with SES Networks is part of Bluesky Cook Islands' substantial network upgrade.
The Goubuli Group, the owner of traditional Chinese medicine brand Tianjin Tong Ren Tang, announced on Thursday its newly signed deal with Australia's Blooms Bluesky Health Products, in which the Chinese conglomerate will invest some USD45m.
Visybl has completed a round of financing led by BlueSky Capital Partners, the company said.
Bluesky FLNG, a company under the management of Mr.
Bluesky Design Group director Professor Mark Armstrong, who was also involved in designing the Nexus 5 Cochlear Implant for the deaf, said, "It is part of a long list of new technologies that will invade the body.
Bluesky Design Group director Professor Mark Armstrong, who was earlier involved in the designing the Nexus 5 Cochlear Implant for the deaf, said that they hoped to do first human trial by mid next year.
13 April 2012 - US industry-specific information technology services provider ECi Software Solutions said it hadA bought British BlueSky Systems Solutions.
com), a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced that it has acquired BlueSky Systems Solutions Ltd (BlueSky), a leading back office systems supplier for the European office products industry located in Derbyshire, England.
Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) and BlueSky Designs are teaming up to make things easier.
Thanks to a partnership with Penarth-based marketing consultancy bluesky mobile marketing, the firm's sale boards will be adorned with the small black and white scanable bar codes which are increasingly seen on adverts and consumer products.
The contract has been signed to target liquids-rich gas in the Bluesky formation.
Their images were used by the city council but the prints are now being sold by Bluesky.
The long-distance handicap appears to be tricky but Alistair Whillans' bumper winner Lady Bluesky (5.
Stephen Freer, Cala Finance; Rani Jhutty, director, Centrick Property; Ken Phillips, Beverley Coleman, both Cala Finance Nigel Ackrill, MPD; Ed Harris, Bluesky Developments; Anthony Feeney, Feeney Financial Services; Chris Avery, Ground Rent Consulting Jonathan Flint, Exemplar; Dave Waterhouse, Rutherfords; Guy Wildman, Journey The World Donna Enright-Stanton, Journey the World; Scott Blake, EHB Commercial; Alison Bryson, Journey The World; Ben Ackrill Mark Ackrill, Maintain Trust Ltd; Andy Taylor, Victoria Ireland, Richard Tatton, all Centrick Property