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Synonyms for blues

Synonyms for blues

a type of folksong that originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the 20th century

a state of depression

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The city has always been supportive of blues music and the arts, and many blues legends have performed at Radio City over the years.
Founded in 1988, The Rhythm & Blues Foundation provides emergency medical and other needed financial assistance to Rhythm and Blues music legends of the 1940s, 50s and 60s.
Stories that feature blues music in the setting or characters;
The Soul Masters have performed soul, jazz, and blues music for over 40 years.
The 10th annual Deep Blues Festival in Clarksdale is set for October 12-15, 2017, and will showcase live blues music throughout the town, day and night, featuring artists from across the country as well as locally renowned bluesmen.
A healthy mix of styles were available throughout the city, including blues music.
Obrecht presents readers with an exploration of the early years of blues music in the United States, examining the lives and careers of the first famous blues guitarists.
Saltburn Blues Club has been in existence for three-and-ahalf years, providing the best in international and local rock and blues music for the local community.
MICK BURGESS catches up with Joe Bonamassa ahead of his gig at the Metro Radio Arena on Wednesday Blues music traditionally evolved in small, smokey clubs.
CASTLE Street bar, restaurant and late lounge, What's At Sixty Two, is launching Southern Soul Sessions - a night of southern soul food, Buffalo Trace whiskey and the best live soul and blues music to be found this side of the Mississippi.
Blues Music Goes Global: A VOA Report The Voice of America (VOA) has uploaded a special report video about blues music; speaking about the history and it's influences on music, and features several clips of live music playing.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The 23rd edition of Turkey's annual traveling festival of blues music, the Efes Pilsen Blues Festival, is currently in ystanbul for a two-day stint that got under way on Friday.
New Orleans style food Bar/Grille featuring live Jazz & Blues music.
When I Left Home: My Story offers a fine account of blues legend Buddy Guy and details his journey from the South to Chicago, and his involvement in the blues music revolution that evolved.
The story of African American women's blues in the twentieth century relates to two different types of migration, the first being the very physical and concrete Great Migration of 1910 to 1930 that brought blues music and many southern African Americans north.