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? BLUES guitar queen Joanne Shaw Taylor (above) has added some fresh dates to her upcoming tour because of hefty demand and will now play The Artrix in Bromsgove on Tuesday, October 13 as well as October 12.
6: Doug MacLeod MacLeod, winner of the Blues Music Awards Acoustic Artist of the Year and Acoustic Album of the Year, brings his triple talents as a singer/ songwriter, storyteller, and blues guitar player.
This has been helped by the video being shared by another famous American blues player, Joe Bonamassa, and dubbed Toby a "future superstar of blues guitar".
The former blues guitar prodigy blows it wide open on her newest album, Sounding the Animal.
But it's also the last touchstone before he dives into the monolithic "Phantasmagoria Blues,'' a Dadaistic odyssey of bizarre imagery and blues guitar that gives everything a hazy, intoxicated feeling.
But his instrument of choice is the blues guitar, which he will perform on the streets of Edinburgh during the three-week arts festival.
Winter was a leading light among the white blues guitar players, including Eric Clapton and the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, who followed in the footsteps of the earlier Chicago blues masters.
Also, Eric Clapton plays a really amazing blues guitar, so if you put him in Pandora and pick the right song, you get an insane amount of blues guitar, which is great.
Steve learned to play blues guitar from a man who worked at his grandfather's garage.
Collins singing is so believable and real right down to his scatting on solos instead of using the traditional blues guitar (exciting stuff.)
THE SOURCE: "Steelin' the Slide: Hawai'i and the Birth of the Blues Guitar" by John W.
The brotherly trio combines fuzzed up blues guitar and scorched vocals, creating a distinctly late 60s feel that has recently been thrust into the public's consciousness by acts such as The Black Keys.
Opener Baddest Blues opens with almost absent-minded piano before exploding in blues guitar drama.
Whether it's a rock, pop, classical, jazz or blues guitar, it is still a guitar and it speaks to everyone!