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Target: BlueRidge IT/ITES Special Economic Zone Phase II
Dave Pepper: I was originally living in Bluemont Virginia (on the Blueridge mountains overlooking the Shenandoah river).
The High Court in Glasgow heard that Javid, who was company secretary and a director of the city's Blueridge Brokers, bought computer parts in the Irish Republic between November 2001 and March 2002 and falsely claimed he had paid VAT on them.
Frederick-based BlueRidge Bank has opened a branch in the Baltimore region.
BLUERIDGE Analytics, Inc., Charlotte, N.C., has announced a major update to SITEOPS Multi Pad 4.1, patented web-based land development software.
Festival organizers are celebrating this grassroots benefit held to combat parasites, which are killing the native hemlock trees of the Blueridge Mountains.
It also carried Blueridge's Stratton down comforter set, which was made up of a down comforter and two shams.
BlueRidge has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire its first production plant.
Silverstone has lots of fun with her role as the na-ve country bumpkin from Blueridge, Georgia, who discovers the courage to speak her mind.
(MED) UK & International Press Wilhams Insulation Group Zeiss (Atlas Telecom) Zoeffig & Company Ltd UNITED STATES Acudor Products (Al Mostaqbal) Aljac (Hammonds) AMS Marconi (DTP) AMT Datasouth Corporation (Opentec) Ansul (Haven) Biamp (G&M) Blast Deflectors Inc (GCSS) Blueridge (Walls & Floors) Bose (G&M) ChevronTexaco (Eppco) Environmental Technologies Inc (KBE Gulf) FMC Airport Systems, Jetway Fyber Sens (Atlas Telecom) GE Infrastructure Security (IAL) GE Ion Track (IAL) Hammonds Technical Services Inet Airport Systems INC L3 (Atlas Telecom) L3 (Citytec) Marantec (ME Insulation) Metor (IAL) Neenah Foundry (Al Mostaqbal) Portec Flomaster Sensis Corp.
Silverstone has lots of fun as the naive country bumpkin from Blueridge, Georgia, There are no real surprises in Kate Lanier and Norman Vance Jr's screenplay but Beauty Shop trims, snips and blow dries with easy going charm.
Blueridge, part of Outland Sports, offers a recycled box target that's filled with compressed foam.
The developer is asking pounds 190,000 for a three-bedroom Raleigh, pounds 210,000 for the fourbedroom Raleigh, pounds 260,000 for a four-bedroom Meiros, pounds 299,000 for a five-bedroom Meiros and pounds 330,000 for the five-bedroom Blueridge II.