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As the little formation rounded the bend of the river by Hungerford Bridge the Marshal could see clearly ahead of him the Union Jack flying over the House of Commons and could glimpse between the trees rows of white-gaitered bluejackets (his guard of honour) and a Royal Marine band, their white helmets flashing in the sun.
President Theodore Roosevelt had the sailor's remarkably well-preserved remains brought from France to America for an elaborate ceremony including a parade of 500 American Bluejackets, French cavalry and infantry, and high officials.
The 27-year-old Canadian winger played in the world's top league only two seasons ago with the Columbus Bluejackets.
Bluejackets were to be provided from HM Ships, St George, Theseus and Forte, plus the marines brought from England aboard the Malacca, to supplement the 300 troops from the NCPF.
In the experiences of bluejackets and blue-coated and khaki-clad soldiers of old lies an identity as servants of the nation that may convey more accurately and more compellingly the vital role that the prese nt-day military plays, however much traditionalists may bridle at that role.
partners with the Dispatch in building the new Nationwide Arena, this fall to become home of the Columbus Bluejackets in the National Hockey League.
Woolf's narrator approvingly informs us: "the Admiral ordered the bugles to be sounded; a hundred bluejackets stood instantly at attention; the disorder was quelled, and quiet, at least for the time being fell upon the scene" (131).
There will be bands from other states, including the Hibbing High School Bluejackets from Hibbing, Minn.
prepared to send bluejackets and marines to Jerusalem in case of need might have a beneficial moral effect.
The spar from which the foretopman was suspended was for some few years kept trace of by the bluejackets.
As these small parties of Marines and sailors usually faced numerically superior foes, some in the navy began floating (forgive the pun) the radical idea of arming them with repeating rifles so as to give American Leathernecks and Bluejackets a tactical advantage.
In 1916, a class of enlisted men, selected from Bluejackets and Marines already on duty at Pensacola or aboard USS North Carolina, was formed and placed under instruction in flying.
intervention in that war, Navy Captain Warren Terhune and his troops fled their own train as Leonese inhabitants attacked it, forcing the bluejackets to march thirty miles back to Managua.
Bluejackets and contrabands; African Americans and the Union Navy.
Meanwhile, the much-missed 60 percent formed the backbones of formidable American military service teams such as the Great Lakes Naval Training Station Bluejackets (better known as a football powerhouse), the Twentieth Armored Division Armoraiders, and overseas outfits like the 26th Infantry Blue Spaders and the Eighth Army Chicks.