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partners with the Dispatch in building the new Nationwide Arena, this fall to become home of the Columbus Bluejackets in the National Hockey League.
I told him, if the Bluejackets go 0 and 26 for the year, and you have a problem with our saying 'the Bluejackets suck,' then we have a problem.
Bluejackets would climb inside to be drenched with cascading water as the sound of battle blared.
Bluejackets heave on a cargo line during an at-sea replenishment.
The Bluejackets kept a discreet distance as Woods started his round after just 25 minutes practice.
He sent one of the Bluejackets for a bacon burger at one stage, and borrowed a Walkman from a youngster beside one tee.
The tournament committee has lined up a number of celebrities to interact with the children, including Honorary Chairpersons Ken Hodge, former Boston Bruin; Steve Heinze, former Boston Bruin, currently with the Columbus Bluejackets and Katie King, a leader of the U.
The only question is if it will be a hard charging khaki, or if we'll have to wait for one of our bluejackets to grow into the role.
There will be bands from other states, including the Hibbing High School Bluejackets from Hibbing, Minn.
prepared to send bluejackets and marines to Jerusalem in case of need might have a beneficial moral effect.
As these small parties of Marines and sailors usually faced numerically superior foes, some in the navy began floating (forgive the pun) the radical idea of arming them with repeating rifles so as to give American Leathernecks and Bluejackets a tactical advantage.
Bluejackets have been making their mark on our naval aviation heritage for the past 100 years, and continue to do so today.
In 1916, a class of enlisted men, selected from Bluejackets and Marines already on duty at Pensacola or aboard USS North Carolina, was formed and placed under instruction in flying.
Bluejackets and contrabands; African Americans and the Union Navy.
SC, USN, who had relieved LCDR Luoto as Commanding Officer of CHB-2, the Supply Officer integrated the incoming drafts of bluejackets with the personnel from CHB-2 so that an organic offloading capability could be built and CHB-1 could be released to return to the Atlantic Fleet in mid-October.