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Synonyms for cyanobacteria

predominantly photosynthetic prokaryotic organisms containing a blue pigment in addition to chlorophyll

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In the UK, the presence of bluegreen algae has also been confirmed in water bodies in Carmarthenshire, Hampshire, Cornwall, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Scotland, according to the BVA.
Water bodies affected by bluegreen algae or algal blooms may appear to be green, blue-green or greenish brown and can produce musty, earthy or grassy odours.
He explained that with bluegreen algae being such a big health and environmental problem around the country and even the world, they can use this partnership to take the technology to an international market.
An investigation is under way after the discovery of what may be a bluegreen algae outbreak.
Once again the bluegreen algae is lurking in ponds, lakes, canals and stagnant waters around Scotland.
A similar health warning was issued in September last year after bluegreen algae was discovered in a popular fishing lake at Moss Valley Park, Wrexham.
Warning notices will be removed from Hemlington Lake following confirmation from the Environment Agency that the water is now clear of bluegreen algae.
It's not those bluegreen algae sausages for tea again tonight, is it?" "Yes it is, Arnold - your sister has got to get used to them, that's all she'll be eating every day for a year on the space flight to Mars."
The danger comes from bluegreen algae which has formed on the surface of Earlswood Lakes, near Solihull.