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There appears to be such a desperate desire in the bluegrass state of Kentucky to end the American humiliation that it is valid to bring up the spirit of Samuel Ryder.
Start your taste of Kentucky with a tour of the beautiful Bluegrass State on Saturday, July 28.
Reports are Kentucky was waiting for Florida's season to end to approach Donovan about moving to the Bluegrass state.
The Bluegrass State will soon celebrate its status as the first State in the nation to send a satellite into space.
More Offbeat Kentuckians is very highly recommended for all readers as a humorous compendium of bewildering, laugh-invoking, and down-right odd tales and stories from the bluegrass state of Kentucky.
However, modern luxury has inched its way into the Bluegrass State and is being embraced by Louisville's corporate elite.
Nota bene: The Bluegrass State is the nation's top producer of the brown leaf--burley tobacco--and one out of three adults in the state lights up.
You can bet Bluegrass state employers are going to be singing the blues in the face of some big hikes to allow the fund to pay its claims.
Set the tone of your next Louisville meeting or convention with a themed party reflecting the unique flavor and feel of the Bluegrass State.
The grant, awarded by the Bluegrass State Skills Corporation, a part of the state cabinet for economic development, will provide matching funds for the training course and certification exam for up to 120 students.
For this is the American Bluegrass State of Kentucky.
Today the Bluegrass State exports no "pioneer blend" coffee substitute, but it has produced one of the country's largest specimens of Kentucky coffeetree.
A Bluegrass State native, he holds degrees from Cumberland College and the University of Kentucky College Of Law.
For several years running, the Bluegrass State has provided perhaps the most well-rounded deer hunting in the nation, thanks in large part to excellent trophy production, particularly in the western portion of the state, friendly regulations, generous seasons for both archers and riflemen, and outstanding habitat.