Bluegrass Region

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an area in central Kentucky noted for it bluegrass and thoroughbred horses

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Situated along the eastern border of the Bluegrass region, Josh and Scott's hunting area lies within a series of prominent hills and valleys bordering the mountainous Cumberland Plateau.
Military and civilian inspectors in the Bluegrass Region logged cases of women and girls being beaten or raped, freedmen being assaulted and sometimes shot or lynched, and particularly of free black house holds being violated and families being forced to flee for their lives.
Similarly, in Kentucky, the NewCities Institute, which seeks to promote the economic and social vitality of the cities in the state, is sponsoring "The Leadership Initiative on Erasing Racism." The action is being conducted in partnership with the National Conference for Community and Justice Bluegrass Region and the Kentucky League of Cities, and was developed to initiate sustained, effective actions that will address, undo and prevent racism in seven sectors of the Lexington, Ky., area.
Horse farms in the Bluegrass Region, along with the various other horse-themed attractions, provide many visitor opportunities to enjoy what is the hallmark of Kentucky.
A stretch of road in the oldest, most prestigious part of the Kentucky bluegrass region demonstrates the point perfectly.
By following the Ayala brothers as they relocate to the Bluegrass region, Beyond the Border presents the range of complexities surrounding the immigration experience, including the responsibility to family, community, and culture.
After setting "The Legal Scene" in Virginia and Kentucky and describing Clay's "Early Practice" in the first two chapters, Baxter uses the next four chapters to analyze the four major areas of Clay's practice: "Economic Issues," "Banking," "Nonconstitutional Business," and "Slavery." After serving an apprenticeship with George Wythe, the famous chancellor of Virginia with whom other notables such as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison had apprenticed, Clay returned to the Commonwealth of Kentucky and established himself in the central bluegrass region, settling in Lexington.
Are such rewards really possible, or is the more likely scenario heralded by the 1991 bankruptcy of famed Calumet Farm in Kentucky's bluegrass region? To answer this question, this article examines the economics of thoroughbred horse racing and the accompanying tax implications.
As an example, the Bluegrass region was defined to include those counties in the EKPC service area with an affinity to the Lexington metropolitan area.
Sometime in the 16th century, a bur oak acorn sprouted in a shallow hollow on the rolling savannah of what is now called the Bluegrass Region of central Kentucky.
Champion or not, any big blue ash in the Bluegrass Region of central Kentucky is a precious part of that area's natural heritage.