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a common stock of a nationally known company whose value and dividends are reliable

a blue poker chip with the highest value

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Drugs-based companies propped up the FTSE 100 Index yesterday as bluechip shares finished slightly down at the end of an uncertain session.
Bluechip shares lost 55.8 points to close at 3622.2, its lowest level since December 19, 1995, as continuing fears over war and the economy sent investors running for cover.
Yesterday British Air-ways led bluechip shares higher, with a ten per cent gain, of 9.25p to 102.5p, but too late to save it from relegation from the benchmark index.
TUESDAY: Three days of gains on the London market came to an end yesterday as bluechip shares fell back.
Wednesday Hopes of a sustained recovery on the London market dwindled as bluechip shares dipped further into negative territory.