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a common stock of a nationally known company whose value and dividends are reliable

a blue poker chip with the highest value

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The Cardiff-based company, whose clients include Barclays, Yes Card Credit, Firstplus and Woolwich, has acquired Lancashire-based Bluechip Software.
Auburn Football: Bluechip kicked off filming at Auburn University on August 31, where Gus Malzahn's new era as Head Coach was documented by the crew.
BlueChip Energy LLC is an alternative energy utility provider delivering turnkey, predictably-priced, renewable electricity supply services for residential, commercial, government, and utility customers.
Oil giants Shell and BP were among heavyweight stocks putting the bluechip index under pressure, down 6aep and 2p at 390p and 410p respectively.
We expect the Rinehart Solar Farm to serve as a model in the state of Florida for large-scale, alternative-energy projects," commented Lawrence Hefler, spokesman for BlueChip Energy.
In London, advertising giant WPP was the only bluechip company to make a major announcement.
Solicore, leading producer of ultra-thin, flexible lithium polymer batteries, has signed a million unit purchase order through Korean-based BlueChip ENP Co.
Strategic Alliance with BlueChip Brings Paper-Thin Flexion[R] Batteries to Korean Bank Cards
June 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- MegaChips Corporation today announced the availability of its BlueChip PLC chip with Multi-hop capability.
On Thursday, the 30-share bluechip benchmark had ended at its all-time closing high of 26,271.
According to Steve Kennedy, Founder and CEO of Bluechip, Mrs.
For more details call 0845 619 7533 or visit bluechip holidays.
He says that while a pullback in the rally would be healthy on Thursday, bluechip names are likely to see further gains and be rerated upwards as analysts price in further improvement in the banking and property sector.
Dubai: After a positive Tuesday, Dubai Financial Market General Index declined yesterday as retail investors booked gains, sending majority of bluechip stocks into the red.