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a report published by the British government

a register of persons who are socially prominent

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a blue booklet used in universities for writing examinations

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The data for this chart was taken from the Fall 2008 Aircraft Bluebook Digest and even though the actual values vary when compared to the other guides, the trends are generally in agreement.
2002 CIRRUS SR22 BLUEBOOK ($180,000) VREF ($185,000) NAAA ($174,000) Note: Table made from bar graph.
For those who have only viewed bluebooks in the tattered, foxed, stained and often rebound condition that they exist in today, these reprints may come as quite a shock.
A leavening of bluebooks will certainly add depth and context to Gothic studies in this period, and their inclusion in undergraduate and taught-masters programmes may well point the way to some new conclusions with regard to the quality of works put out by those authors traditionally regarded as canonical in the field.
In 1909, the inaugural year for the Graphic Arts BlueBook, many printed materials still were typeset by hand.
Hence, the rule's reference to The Bluebook, which covers all that and more.