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Synonyms for drywall

a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions

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They start drawing on the blueboard, With white chalk marks from their wings, Until it is almost covered With geometry and things.
I used 1-1/2 inch thick blueboard which was salvaged from torn down chicken houses.
com also upgraded its offerings for a wide array of building materials and supplies such as lumber, plywood, hardware, roofing, hardwood flooring, decking, blueboard, paint, windows & doors and other building products.
ImPrint, through its sales force in Canada, is now selling the full NUR Macroprinters product line including the NUR Salsa Ultima, NUR Fresco and NUR Blueboard printers as well as NUR Media Solutions consumables.
Plaster, especially a skim coat, is very sensitive to movement, more so than the blueboard under it.
So, with underground housing, at least in the north, the concrete slab foundation is poured over an inch or two of extruded polystyrene insulation--such as Dow Styrofoam Blueboard.
The goal of our BlueBoard project is to increase productivity by integrating simple and easy-to-grasp functions that support fast encounters and spontaneous meetings," said Daniel Russell, senior manager of the User Sciences and Experience Research group at IBM's Almaden Research Center.
com), Zucotto has combined their SLICE and KVM with Bluetooth technology to provide a fast time-to-market hardware development environment bundled into the BLUEboard Development Kit.
NASDAQ NM:NURTF), manufacturer of the market-leading NUR Blueboard digital inkjet printing system, today announced that it has appointed Hilel Kremer to be the Company's new Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer.
NASDAQ NM: NURTF), manufacturer of the market-leading NUR Blueboard digital inkjet printing system, today announced that it has achieved a settlement agreement with Scitex Corporation Ltd.
Currently, NUR is a world leader in the superwide format printer market, through its market leading Blueboard printer.
Our superb revenue growth reflects increased demand for the super-wide Blueboard printer as well as consumables sales to our expanding installed base.