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Synonyms for drywall

a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions

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They start drawing on the blueboard, With white chalk marks from their wings, Until it is almost covered With geometry and things.
Griffiths is the Director of e-hub at the ANU which developed the E-couch program, is a coauthor of E-couch, and established BlueBoard, the Internet support group on which the ISG described in this paper was based.
According to Carney, the building supplies added to the site include all kinds of lumber & plywood, windows & doors, flooring, sheetrock, blueboard, plaster, roofing shingles & tar paper, vinyl siding, asphalt, cement & concrete as well as other building & construction materials.
Para exemplo, a IBM tem um grande monitor interativo, o BlueBoard IBM, para apoiar o compartilhamento de conteudo entre os usuarios do BlueBoard e de acesso facil as informacoes de cada usuario da rede.
First I covered it with blueboard (Styrofoam[TM]) then stuccoed over it.
A continuacion se explican brevemente los bloques funcionales que componen las tarjetas BlueBoard _UV: