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Synonyms for bluebird

fruit-eating mostly brilliant blue songbird of the East Indies

blue North American songbird

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Pearce Peter Louise Whatever happens at the end of the season our Bluebirds can hold their heads high...they should be proud of tonight's performance, so much so that the result is almost meaningless Anthony Edwards The fans we have have are a credit to the league Colin Turley I've never liked NW as a manager but this season I've found a new respect for bloke.
Bellamy is a Bluebirds and Wales fans' favourite and seen as a possible future manager of club and country.
To attract bluebirds, nest boxes must be built to correct dimensions, and placed in appropriate locations.
When these restless, aggressive males discover new swaths of burned-over land, a paradise for bluebirds, they often drive away the milder-mannered mountain bluebirds (S.
Hall, of Charlton, and his father, 81, have shared a love of bluebirds for years.
However, two adult male eastern bluebirds actively defending a single nest-box has only been documented once previously (Laskey, 1947).
Goals from Joe Mason, Craig Noone, Matthew Connolly and Aron Gunnarsson did the damage whilst across the whole side the Bluebirds completely dominated.
We monitored bluebirds at one study site located at the University of Kentucky's Agricultural Experiment Station (38 [degrees]6'N, 84 [degrees]29'W), a 7 [km.sup.2] area of equine pasture and agriculture fields located in Fayette County, just north of Lexington, Kentucky.
Historically, the Eastern Bluebird, a bird of open fields and countryside, has lived in harmony with people, but until recently this bird was in peril, due to loss of habitat, widespread use of pesticides, and the introduction of the English Sparrow and the Starling, which competed with bluebirds for nesting sites.
The story changed soon after, however, when bluebirds were hit with a double whammy: House sparrows and starlings--aggressive European imports whose populations had burgeoned since their arrival on our shores--robbed bluebirds of their traditional nest sites, destroyed eggs and killed fledglings.
Kirby; WHAT BLUEBIRDS DO; Boyds Mills Press (Children's Picture Book) $0.00 ISBN: 9781590786147
Representatives from the Fort Lewis, Wash., Fish and Wildlife Program, The Nature Conservancy and the American Bird Conservancy recently gathered at the post to catch two pairs of bluebirds and move them to the states San Juan Island.
NEW Brighton Bluebirds were in action this weekend as they entertained Leigh in the top-of-the-table league clash at Reeds Lane.
Cavity-nesting bluebirds were once in decline due to the rapid loss of old trees and wooden fence posts, suitable nesting habitat for them.