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fruit-eating mostly brilliant blue songbird of the East Indies

blue North American songbird

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And when you look at how Warnock's record compares with the other Championship sides during his tenure with the Bluebirds, it makes for hugely- impressive reading.
Eastern bluebirds are birds of open fields and orchards; they are not commonly found nesting in cities or densely settled suburbs.
Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, along with Bluebird Network, a leading high-speed broadband fiber optic transport provider servicing carrier, enterprise and data center customers in the Midwest, today announced the opening of Bluebird Networks expanded underground data center 85 feet beneath the Earths surface.
When these restless, aggressive males discover new swaths of burned-over land, a paradise for bluebirds, they often drive away the milder-mannered mountain bluebirds (S.
It started at the family home in Leominster, where they erected their first birdhouse and bluebirds would return year after year.
However, two adult male eastern bluebirds actively defending a single nest-box has only been documented once previously (Laskey, 1947).
Here, we describe the decline of eastern bluebirds in one portion of the Ohio River valley region (central Kentucky) using state and local population estimates from Christmas Bird Count (CBC) and Breeding gird Survey (BBS) data.
Historically, the Eastern Bluebird, a bird of open fields and countryside, has lived in harmony with people, but until recently this bird was in peril, due to loss of habitat, widespread use of pesticides, and the introduction of the English Sparrow and the Starling, which competed with bluebirds for nesting sites.
In 1978, Zeleny founded the North American Bluebird Society (NABS) to provide information on building and siting nest boxes, dealing with competing species, and nurturing bluebirds and other cavity-nesters.
Kirby; WHAT BLUEBIRDS DO; Boyds Mills Press (Children's Picture Book) $0.
Fish and Wildlife Program, The Nature Conservancy and the American Bird Conservancy recently gathered at the post to catch two pairs of bluebirds and move them to the states San Juan Island.
They did not have any of the hole-nesting birds, like Nuttail's woodpecker, downy woodpecker or western bluebirds, who nest in holes of trees or in old woodpecker holes,'' she said.
Cavity-nesting bluebirds were once in decline due to the rapid loss of old trees and wooden fence posts, suitable nesting habitat for them.
But any positive action can have a negative reaction: As sales of nesting boxes more than doubled from an estimated 100,000 sold in 1987 to nearly 250,000 in 1997, some manufacturers rushed to market with inferior products that in certain cases were nothing more than what Eno calls "death traps for bluebirds.
However, bluebirds will not use the same nesting site during a single season unless the previous nest has been removed.