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(fairytale) a monstrous villain who marries seven women

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Based on the legend of Bluebeard, it's the story of a penniless 17-year-old who becomes the third wife of a rich, older Marquis (Paul Hamilton) and goes off to live in his castle - which is where the train journey comes in.
In addition to the story of the ship that sails eternally without entering any port, Meder (ethnology, Meertens Institute, Amsterdam) includes such familiar tales as Bluebeard, Rose Red and Snow White, and the taming of the shrew, as well as a host of other old stories, contemporary legends, riddles and puzzles, anecdotes and jokes, and formula tales.
Written by Captain Charles Johnson in 1724, it's the book that brought Bluebeard and Captain Kidd to public prominence.
No Bluebeard," the longest story here, follows in this vein, as the increasingly reflective narrator comes to see how much responsibility he bears for a series of bad relationships with women.
In a series of four case studies, examining Snow White (27-48), Little Red Riding Hood (49-70), Beauty and the Beast (71-102), and Bluebeard (103-138), Bacchilega rewrites arguably the same essay, with changes in only the signifiers, leaving the signified the same.
Other Jeff citation nominations went to a staging of late gay playwright Charles Ludlam's Bluebeard and to very homo-friendly revivals of Christopher Marlowe's Edward II and Colette's Cheri.
Belgium police have been using the ground radar used to search Fred West's Gloucester home to probe the cellar of the man nicknamed Father Bluebeard.
STORYTIME: The sisters read about Bluebeard FLASHBACK: Dominique Thomas and Lola Crton
Bluebeard (Certificate TBC, 80 mins) French filmmaker Catherine Breillat (Anatomy of Hell, The Last Mistress) puts a feminist spin on Charles Perrault's classic fairytale using parallel timelines.
The new study is the first to bring forth the antimicrobial activity of two other mint family members -Mentha villosa and Faassen's catnip -along with another non-mint herb, bluebeard.
In his role debut, Russian bass Mikhail Svetlov, with his ample voice and impressive stage presence, was a heartbreaking and menacing Bluebeard.
Catgirl sees a villainous character named Bluebeard as a possible ticket to fame and riches--he promises her drugs and life as a porn star.
At one level Vonnegut may be a simple pacifist (or "passivist"), but Thomas points out Vonnegut's moral sense is more complex in Slaughterhouse Five in his philosophy of human dignity, in Cat's Cradle as a treatise on religion and at, in Player Piano and Galapagos as work in the essence of science and technology, and in Bluebeard and Breakfast of Champions as commentary on the role of the artist.
But even in light of the visceral psychodramas the remainder of the century would bring ( Alban Berg's Wozzeck, Bluebeard and James MacMillan's InAs de Castro ( Salome can still make its power felt in a performance with this commitment.
De Laval is often considered the historical Bluebeard, the grisly protagonist of the tale in which a man kills a succession of wives for looking into a forbidden room.