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songbird of northern Europe and Asia

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Lahore Safari Zoo indeed is an important wintering place for many migratory birds such as mallard Anas platyrhynchos, temminck's stint Calidris temminckii, blue-throat Luscinia svecica etc.
A rare, blue-throated robin has been discovered on a nature reserve in Aberdeenshire.
They can witness the spectacle of thousands of wild Arctic geese feeding around the loch and now they have a chance to see the December blue-throat as well.
Every spring a few blue-throats, which are close relatives of Britain's own native robins, are seen on British coasts.
BIRDWATCHERS are already celebrating Christmas thanks to the festive season arrival of a rare blue-throated robin.
Ornithologists say there are only about 300 blue-throated hillstars and that the species is in danger of extinction.
They dubbed the new species Oreotrochiluscyanolaemus, or the Blue-throated Hillstar, for its iridescent blue throat.
Other animals on the brink include the Amur leopard and the blue-throated macaw, which is critically endangered due to the pet trade in its native Bolivia.
Another critically endangered bird at the sanctuary is the blue-throated macaw, which is native to a small area of north-central Bolivia.
From the emerald dove, blue-throated flycatcher, grey-headed fish eagle, slaty-legged crake, and the Tickell's thrush, to the large-billed reed warbler and the added bonus of about a 100 types of butterflies, you'' find it all here.
Photographs of different species of birds were on display, including Grey Headed Woodpecker, Grey Treepie, Black Lored Tit, Black Throated Tit, Grey Hooded Warbler, Himalayan Bulbul, Green Beater, Common Hooper, Jungle Babblers, Blue Whistling Thrush, green backed tit, blue-throated barbet, yellow billed blue magpie, large pied wagtail, gray winged blackbird and black necked stork.
The species are: Speckled chachalaca (Ortalis guttata), Spix's guan (Penelope jacquacu), Blue-throated piping-guan (Pipilecumanensis), and Razor-billed curassow (Mitu tuberosum).
The Blue-throated Macaw, Beluga Whale, Boreal Owl, Mountain Yellow-legged Frog and Yosemite Toad are among the offerings, over 40 in all.
Get the word out with free ringtones that celebrate the croaks, chirps and songs of 40 rare and endangered animals including the Blue-throated Macaw, Beluga Whale, Boreal Owl, Mountain Yellow-legged Frog, and Yosemite Toad.
With a 500-frame-per-second camera, he filmed three North American straight-billed species: ruby-throated, magnificent, and blue-throated hummingbirds.