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Synonyms for bluestocking

a woman having literary or intellectual interests


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So are you a blue-stocking property presenter or an opposition spokesperson?
After completing her graduate studies in humanities and English literature at Girton College, "the oldest blue-stocking women's college in England," Stribling knew one thing.
Although, Gwyneth's stylist has clearly chosen her clothes from the wardrobe marked severe she is no tweedy, Oxbridge blue-stocking.
The blue-stocking women who attended the salons helped to popularize and validate an emerging school of romantic poetry, but their satirical repartee also posed a threat to romantic poets.
The embarrassing list of financial failures includes former MP Phil Gallie's stronghold in Ayr and blue-stocking constituencies such as Perth and Stirling.
She was a blue-stocking, he a farm hand and their families hadn't wanted them to marry.