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Synonyms for blue-collar

of or designating manual industrial work or workers

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of those who work for wages especially manual or industrial laborers

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SAPNA aims to boost the quality of education for the children of blue-collar workers by granting scholarships and funding vocational education opportunities for them.
Thinking that such a situation may affect workers' productivity, happiness and overall contribution to the economy, IT professional Abu Muadh came up with Smart Labour, the UAE's first mobile app for blue-collar workers.
Sanders for both angry white- and blue-collar workers.'
Summary: About 60 per cent of the ten teams comprised labourers and blue-collar workers.
Taking charge of his community, a young blue-collar worker Gulzar, in his 20s, went around in a number of workers accommodations explaining the plight of the refugee kids and received an overwhelming response from the workers.
Expressing his vision of the programme, SmartLife president Vinod Mehra said: "The vision of SmartReading is to ensure that every blue-collar worker in the city has access to this programme and should be able to communicate in English.
The motto of the project is "no blue-collar worker's child shall be deprived of education for want of money," said Project Guide Srrinivas Vedantam.
"We launched a number of new awareness campaigns targeting blue-collar workers. We distributed pamphlets in multiple languages and conducted seminars all to ensure that every blue-collar worker in the emirate is fully aware of his rights as per the law."
We have set the contribution limit to Rs11,000 [Dh662]," said Ashok Kumar a blue-collar worker.
Around 300 blue-collar workers were treated to a movie on Friday after successfully completing their four-and-a-half-month English language training programme called SmartReading.
We are familiar with stories of abuse suffered by the lower-tier, or blue-collar workers, in many countries, including Pakistan.
UAE healthcare provider Right Health, in tandem with corporate partners from the local construction and facilities management sectors, offered free checkups to more than 10,000 blue-collar workers at its weekend medical camps, which were conducted every Friday at more than 30 clinics since January 2019 in key building hubs such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.
Companies that may see their bottom line suffer the most are those that employ many blue-collar workers, an increasingly scarce yet high-in-demand group.
Similarly, blue-collar workers with lower education and socioeconomic levels are more likely to quit after one year.
Hundreds of blue-collar workers who live in workers accommodation in Muhaisanah also lined up on the road and some turned up as volunteers to support the run.