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an independent and exclusive commission of nonpartisan statesmen and experts formed to investigate some important governmental issue

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The nominees are awarded a final score based from nominations, research, and blue-ribbon panel review.
Ten years ago, the government's blue-ribbon panel said the aerial firefighters' death rate was "unacceptable." Today, the government's fruitless and ineffective aerial war against wildland fire can only be called immoral.
GAAP and ongoing FASB agenda projects would be subject to ratification by FASB, which is contrary to the Blue-Ribbon Panel's recommendation.
Those who sent the rejected comments were likely supportive of NIRS, which believes the blue-ribbon panel is stacked with those sympathetic to the nuclear industry.
Winning products were selected by a blue-ribbon panel of judges organized by PLMA, which included product development specialists, industry representatives, trade journalists and consumers.
However, firefighting agencies have failed to fully follow the recommendation of a blue-ribbon panel created after the 2003 outbreak.
The blue-ribbon panel has said it will submit proposals reached through consensus one by one.
Zerhouni's plans and the blue-ribbon panel's recommendations don't go far enough.
WASHINGTON -- The National Institutes of Health plans to tighten restrictions on outside consulting by its scientists, closely following the recommendations of an agency-convened blue-ribbon panel.
In response to the initial outcry over the agency's ethics rules, NIH Director Elias Zerhouni formed a blue-ribbon panel to analyze conflict-of-interest policies and offer recommendations.
However, should Bush lose his re-election bid, the Social Security reform debate will grind to a halt as the new president will establish a blue-ribbon panel to vet his ideas, stalling the reform debate for another four years.
WASHINGTON -- A blue-ribbon panel will spend the next few months examining how the National Institutes of Health oversees the outside consulting activities of its scientists.
And on the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded in 1986, Wall Street traders correctly guessed within minutes of first hearing the news which of the four main suppliers had provided the faulty part, whereas a blue-ribbon panel of experts took months to come to the same conclusion.
An active IABC volunteer leader, she has served several times on IABC's international board, as director of IABC's Canada District 2, as president of IABC/Atlantic Canada and as a blue-ribbon panel judge with IABC's Gold Quill Awards Program.