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a woman having literary or intellectual interests


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A modern Afghan-based Blue Stockings Society, the Mirman Baheer shows that life does rhyme.
After topping the Blue Stockings 39-5 to claim city supremacy, the Uniques played and beat a white nine, the Alerts, 17-16 on July 10, 1871.
Louis Blue Stockings were marred by biased umpiring, walkouts, stalling, and an unfortunate attempt by Chicago backstop Ben Dyson to throw the series for $25.
He delves into the stories of relatively unknown nineteenth-century African American teams, including the Black Stockings, the Chicago Uniques, and the Cleveland Blue Stockings, uncovering a rich and heretofore undiscovered country of outstanding ballplayers who toured the country and competed for championships long before Rube Foster was born.
and Europe women were told that according to the Bible women's place should be at home, blue stockings were mocked and called unfeminine and women had to throw themselves in front of king's horses to attract attention to their plight.
Black players on the rare integrated teams, such as the Toledo Blue Stockings, sometimes were threatened by people in the stands and players on opposing teams.
Lily certainly had the crowd on their feet as she paraded around in blue stockings and top at G.A.Y in London.
There's the quietly melancholic Mr Simpson (Marc Warren, playing the nice guy for once in his life), the exotic and theatrical dancer Theo (Lucy Cohu), and retired blue stockings Dr Smith and Dr Jakes (Harriet Walter and Gemma Jones).
Idris is particularly pleased at the way his first commission, that of "Old Blue Stockings" Lord Salesbury of Bachymbyd near Ruth in has turned out and is looking forward to seeing it hanging at Nantclwyd House, when the facility run by Denbighshire County Council is opened up to the public.
Blue jeans more so than blue stockings are in evidence virtually any night of the week at Bluestockings, a lesbian cafe-activist center on New York's Lower East Side.
Campbell, "The Rise of the Higher Education of Women Movement in Glasgow," in Book of the Jubilee: In Commemoration of the Ninth Jubilee of the University of Glasgow, 1451-1901 (Glasgow, 1901), 129; see also Geyer-Kordesch and Ferguson, Blue Stockings, Black Gowns, White Coats, 11, 37; and Frances Melville, "Presentation Address," on the occasion of the first award of the Frances Melville Medal in Philosophy on the final closure of the College, November 1935, p.
She often hosted blue-stockings parties, so called because of Mr Benjamin Stillingfoot who was a regular member, an excellent conversationalist and who always wore blue stockings.
"It was his way of trying to upset us, especially when he offered us a set of blue stockings. It would have been sacrilege, of course, for Celtic to wear anything blue."
Elizabeth Vesey invited the learned Benjamin Stillingfleet to one of her parties; he declined because he lacked appropriate dress, whereupon she told him to come "in his blue stockings"--the ordinary worsted stockings he was wearing at the time.
Among other things Michelangelo outfitted another assistant, Gianino d'Antonio, with a grey round hat ("un tocho bigio"), a white doublet, a pair of shoes, and a pair of blue stockings of fine cloth, "uno paio di halze azure di pano fino" (ibid., 261).