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Synonyms for bluestocking

a woman having literary or intellectual interests


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The Scotch team wore blue jerseys, white knickerbockers, red stockings, a red belt, high–heeled boots and blue and white cowl; while their English sisters were dressed in blue and white jerseys, blue stockings and belt, high–heeled booted and red and white cowl.
You can enhance your mantle decorations by adding hand-blown tree toppers and blue stockings with traditional garland with berries and lights.
and Europe women were told that according to the Bible women's place should be at home, blue stockings were mocked and called unfeminine and women had to throw themselves in front of king's horses to attract attention to their plight.
It is believed that the Blue Stockings were the last organized integrated team until Robinson joined the Monarchs.
Lily certainly had the crowd on their feet as she paraded around in blue stockings and top at G.
There's the quietly melancholic Mr Simpson (Marc Warren, playing the nice guy for once in his life), the exotic and theatrical dancer Theo (Lucy Cohu), and retired blue stockings Dr Smith and Dr Jakes (Harriet Walter and Gemma Jones).