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Synonyms for bluestocking

a woman having literary or intellectual interests


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TARRY FLYNN, beaten a length by Blue Stocking at Leopardstown last week, can have his revenge in the Quartertown Handicap at Cork today, writes LARRY LYNX
Talking about the summer of 1950 after Dylan's benefactor Margaret Taylor informed Caitlin that Pearl had arrived in Britain, she said: "A 'blue stocking' and journalist, she was just the type that my father normally shied away from.
9.10 (435m): Dromlusk Ava, Meadowcote Hawk, Run For Chloe, Big Fearghal (M), Blue Stocking (W).
Because of their new stockings the team would now be known as the Brown Stockings, though their home field was still referred to as Blue Stocking Park.
It is ridiculous to suppose all hockey fans will grow up into blue stocking "hockey hearties".
and knocked out the Blue Stocking 'nigs' of that city."(25) These narratives displaced the colored champions to an imagined baseball wilderness.
Two wore hooded sweatshirts; the other wore a blue stocking cap and a dark blue T-shirt over a white long-john top.
Nigella Lawson continues to delight us with her unshamed voluptuousness -- although we're not so sure about THOSE bondage shoes -- and her Feast recipes written in enthusiastic blue stocking meets bohemian style.
Blue Stocking YAK Very rare, the Blue Stocking YAK is seen most often in lecture halls and libraries.
Ho ho ho wooden letters, pounds 18 for six; white velvet stocking, pounds 12; blue stocking, pounds 10 for two; Santa stocking holder, pounds 35; silver lame mantle runner, pounds 12, all McCord (0870 908 7005)
AS BEFITS Britain's oldest women's club,Liverpool's Eleanor Rathbone Society has suitably liberal tastes that belies its blue stocking image.
A man in a blue down jacket and navy blue stocking cap demanded money from a teller at US Bank, 437 Main St., at 1:38 p.m., police said.
The book is set in the 1870s and tells the tale of Margaret Prior, a 30-year-old blue stocking with discreet lesbian leanings, and Selina Dawes, a 21-year-old woman imprisoned in Millbank on suspicion of being a fraudulent medium.
Ridden with supreme confidence last week by Michael Kinane, Moving On Up eased past the longtime leader Blue Stocking early in the final furlong and won very comfortably by a length.
At the time of the robbery, he was wearing a blue stocking cap, a white button-up short-sleeved shirt, dark pants and white tennis shoes.