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Sericite and chlorite alteration exist in both the volcaniclastic and argillite with localized blue quartz eye and fracture controlled fuschite (chrome mica) along selvages.
This locality once produced crystals of blue quartz, some doubly terminated.
The bride's necklace was made for the occasion from antique pearls passed down by her great-grandmother for her something old, coin pearls for her something new, and a blue quartz stone on the clasp for her something blue.
Blue stones such as lapis lazuli, sodalite, turquoise, blue quartz and blue sapphire are appropriate.
Another Matheson-area property is the Blue Quartz owned by Central Crude and Joutel Resources in Beatty Townships.
Unabia, "Deni" of Palito, "SF Blue Quartz 2" of Bebot Uy, "San Guillermo" of Jun David and Bong Valle, "Red Lakota" of Jake Javier, "Camsur" of Ricky Magtoto, "CGV Aldo San Rafael JT" of Mayor Goto, "TMP" of Tady Palma, and "Tolpu & Romy" of Romy Lim.