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a flattened third or seventh

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30pm, features a number of performances and tributes from musicians and friends including the Notebenders Big Band, the Blue Notes, David Murray, Jean Toussaint, Gary Crosby, Nana Tsiboe, Helen McDonald and Winston Clifford.
Andy Hamilton, who has died, founded the Blue Notes and The Notebenders
Harold Melvin's Blue Notes opened the concert with a dynamic set that almost stole the show.
The show, crowned the Old Soul Review will feature Ashford and Simpson, Russell Thompkins & the New Stylistics and Harold Melvin's Blue Notes with Sharon Paige at the Chene Park Music Theater, 2600 Atwater St in Detroit at 7:30 pm.
The Blue Note Concert Series is coordinated by Downtown Eugene Inc.
He got no further than Birmingham and formed his own band, The Blue Notes.
In summary, Blue Notes is an engrossing tour of Yusef Komunyakaa's mind relative to prosody.
On Thursday, Andy will be supported by his band, The Blue Notes, with Vic Evans on vocals.
Andy an his band the Blue Notes are based in Birmingham.
Using musical imagery to describe Kerouac's range, she said, ``He can write in the major keys and get the story across, but he knows all the blue notes and minor keys as well.
Blue notes can be played on Western instruments without fingering minor thirds, dominant (flatted) sevenths, and flatted fifths if the player has the African American conception of temperament.
HH The reissues overwhelm the single new disc this week with a whole bunch of great Blue Notes tweaked by ace engineer Rudy Van Gelder to give their full 1960s sonic glory.
Presently, in addition to the Blue Note New York, there are three Blue Notes operating successfully in the Japanese cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.
Andy has sent ten children of his own out into the world, and The Blue Notes themselves now play host to Hamilton grandchildren as well as sons.
Blue notes, "From the start, we want this project to be the most important spirits event since the discovery of distillation.