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This year, a Blue Norther at the end of March brought snow and freezing temperatures to the High Plains.
She beat only one horse in her first start as a three-year-old in the Blue Norther Stakes at Santa Anita.
A place where the Quapaw and choctaws paddled dugout canoes, ivory-billed woodpeckers shreded bark from ancient trees, and mallard ducks rained down ahead of the first autumn blue norther. The Big Woods are a living memorial, and a wisely kept one.
Couldn't be nothing like a blue norther, they chuckled, sneering at the locals' weak sister
The first poem in the book, "Blue Norther," is the title poem and as such has a special claim on the reader's attention.
Pity the Beautiful by Dana Gioia (Minneapolis: Gray Wolfe Press, 2012) Blue Norther and Other Poems by William Bedford Clark (Huntsville, TX: Texas Review Press, 2010)
His first book of poems, Blue Norther, appeared in 2010.