Mytilus edulis

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a mussel with a dark shell that lives attached to rocks

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"We recorded and played the sound of a ship's motor to a sample of blue mussels in a controlled setting, and measured biochemical and behavioural changes in the mussels.
Cavalheiro et al., (2013) reported the global weight loss of the blue mussels as 17.20% after vapor cooking.
The second model, called Total Ecosystem Approach to Sustainable Aquaculture in Northern Irish sea lough Ecosystems (TEASMILE), was applied to Belfast Lough (BEL), Northern Ireland, which has an (historic) annual production of about 6,0001 of blue mussel (Mytilus edulis).
Hybridization results in high levels of sterility and restricted introgression between invasive and endemic marine blue mussels. Mar.
Blue mussels, Mytilus edulis, were collected in Kerteminde Fjord, Denmark, and acclimated for one week in the laboratory at the Marine Biological Research Centre (University of Southern Denmark) prior to the experiments.
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(Barsotti and Melluzzi 1968) and the rate of evolution for the mt16S gene within the blue mussel mtDNA female lineage is approximately 1%/MY (Rawson and Hilbish 1995a), the M.
Analysis of gut contents of the blue mussel (Mytilus edulis [Linnaeus, 1758]) by Field (1911) found that diatoms were the primary phytoplankton ingested by mussels, similar to what had been previously reported for C.
americanus have been enriched below or near commercial blue mussel (Mytilus edulis, Linnaeus) operations.