Mytilus edulis

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a mussel with a dark shell that lives attached to rocks

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The blue mussel also serves as important prey for a number of invertebrate, fish, and bird species (O'Neill et al.
Blue mussel beds are attached to hard surfaces in more marine and cooler coastal waters, (e.
We fed crabs primarily frozen scallops (adductor mussel only) ad libitum once or twice weekly, and periodically live sea scallops and blue mussels.
The mean shell length of the bulk sample was determined using the shell length to count per-liter regression developed for Maine blue mussels (Newell 1990):
Ecological interactions between the vase tunicate (Ciona intestinalis) and the farmed blue mussel (Mytihts edulis) in Nova Scotia, Canada.
KEY WORDS: blue mussel, Mytilus edulis, integrated multitrophic aquaculture, growth, condition index
The blue mussel is a sessile suspension-feeding bivalve and it plays a key role in connecting high-quality, pelagic, suspended particulate matter to the benthic ecosystem (Dame 1993, Giles & Pilditch 2004, Newell 2004, Callier et al.
A variety of alternative hosts have been documented for this species of pea crab, including the jingle shell Anomia simplex (d'Orbigny, 1853), the blue mussel Mytilus edulis (Linnaeus, 1758), and the ribbed mussel Geukensia demissa (Dillwyn, 1817) (McDermott 1961, McDermott 1962, Johnson & Allen 2012).
blue mussel and rainbow trout salad with broad beans, fennel, asparagus, and chilli and mint dressing;
The 5km zone, taking in Little Eye and Middle Eye, in the Dee Estuary, will protect blue mussel beds, as well as areas of peat and clay on the island that are home to piddocks.
Similar data for horse mussels is unavailable, although it is likely that this species is adapted to higher flows, as it is found in more energetic flow habitats than the blue mussel.
The Blue Mussel, Mytilus edulls, exhibits the unique property of Mitochondrial Double Uniparental Inheritance.