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However, this was not the first blue lobster Nickerson caught.
The blue lobster, for instance, is from France, not from Omani or Canadian waters.
The hotel was virtually booked out Tuesday night, for prices ranging from 850 euros to 10,000 euros for the Coco Chanel suite, with a special closing night menu featuring foie gras, blue lobster and the Ritz's signature peach melba.
He has served in executive positions at netHESIVE Inc, Sserdda Inc, Blue Lobster Software and Continuus Software Corporation.
Rex, 45, who saw Lionel at Billingsgate Market while buying supplies for his Chelsea Fishmonger shop, said: "It's the most striking blue lobster I have seen in 30 years in the business and was too nice to put in a pot and boil.
Then there is the seafood, particularly the delicious but pricey blue lobster.
Signature menu items at Le Pressoir dOArgent include Belon oysters sourced from Arcachon Bay and served with langoustines, Aquitaine Sturia caviar, crme aigrelette, cucumber and Belgian waffles; and a Breton blue lobster with a Barnaise sauce made from black salsify, ceps, and lobster extract from the restaurantOs namesake silver press.
The baby blue lobster and lamb agneau main dishes, although regular fare, delivered their key notes of delicate taste.
ABSTRACT The reproductive season and first-maturity size of the blue lobster Panulirus inflatus were determined at the "Bahia de Loreto" National Park, Gulf of California.
A completely blue lobster is another rarity--found in one in 1 million lobsters.
At the west end of town, the tidal Step Rock pool where I used to swim as a small boy is now par t of the St Andrews Aquarium and home to a pair of seals and a monster 25-year-old blue lobster called Claws.
There is a growing need for enterprise Web-to-legacy solutions, and Red Hat is pleased to work with Blue Lobster Software to provide software developers with the highest quality Linux operating system and development tools.
Like a one-in-a-million blue lobster thrown back to the sea, 10 rare coins - four of them from a collection assembled by a New York subway clerk - will be returned to the money supply beginning today.
The first ten characters in the SeaPals school of fish include the Bannerfish, Blue Lobster, Clownfish, Sea Turtle, Shark and more.