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To suggest a name for bright blue lobster, pay a visit to Collingwood Seafood's Facebook and Instagram pages.
At home he began looking up rare lobsters and learned that the one he'd caught was a calico -- as unusual as a blue lobster.
“Our new orange and blue lobster printed College Laundry Bag has gotten a lot of positive reviews from customers.”
To commemorate his departure, Biles is serving his greatest hits menu of dishes from the past six years for a one-night-only dinner on May 13; expect the likes of 2009's blue lobster roasted with verbena, poelee of peaches and turnips variation.
Chef Pic provides step-by-step instructions for creating Blue Lobster (lobster consomme with red fruits and a frothy cream of celery with pepper); Garnished strawberries with babas soaked in dark rum and strawberry sauce; and Breton langoustines with country rhubarb, green celery juice and Tasmanian green pepper.
The blue lobster, for instance, is from France, not from Omani or Canadian waters.
The hotel was virtually booked out Tuesday night, for prices ranging from 850 euros to 10,000 euros for the Coco Chanel suite, with a special closing night menu featuring foie gras, blue lobster and the Ritz's signature peach melba.
He has served in executive positions at netHESIVE Inc, Sserdda Inc, Blue Lobster Software and Continuus Software Corporation.
Rex, 45, who saw Lionel at Billingsgate Market while bu supplies for hi Ch l Rex, 45, who saw Lionel at Billingsgate Market while buying supplies for his Chelsea Fishmonger shop, said: "It's the most striking blue lobster I have seen in 30 years in the business and was too nice to put in a pot and boil."
Then there is the seafood, particularly the delicious but pricey blue lobster. More affordable are the savoury galettes (pancakes), another regional speciality.
Signature menu items at Le Pressoir dOArgent include Belon oysters sourced from Arcachon Bay and served with langoustines, Aquitaine Sturia caviar, crme aigrelette, cucumber and Belgian waffles; and a Breton blue lobster with a Barnaise sauce made from black salsify, ceps, and lobster extract from the restaurantOs namesake silver press.
The baby blue lobster and lamb agneau main dishes, although regular fare, delivered their key notes of delicate taste.
A completely blue lobster is another rarity--found in one in 1 million lobsters.