hair coloring

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Synonyms for hair coloring

a dye or tint for the hair


coloring of the hair

the act of dyeing or tinting one's hair

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The family organised a ball at Glasgow's Grand Central Hotel in September last year and Kyle's blue hair dye stunt - which formed the theme of a touching video - raised extra funds.
His network of spies tells him there is unrest in the Copper Isles, and his daughter comes home from a visit to the capital with blue hair.
Popstar Katy Perry has ditched her post-Russell Brand blue hair and dyed it purple.
This year, Perry arrived wearing sky-high blue hair that complemented a full-length baby blue sparkly gown with plunging back.
Karou is living every young artist's dream as an art student in Europe, where her beauty, blue hair, and tattoos draw eyes to her wherever she goes.
"I just got bored of it but I had not thought about making cheese at all," says Phil, whose uniform these days is a set of white overalls and a blue hair net.
Lizz explains: "Whilst Keira is only five and thankfully not requesting blue hair just yet, this issue has got me thinking and I intend to take the stance later down the line that if it's not permanent, I will try not to mind.
Backless gowns, thigh- high slits and blue hair are replacing carefully held pallus and straight blow- dried hair.
is a children's DVD starring the iconic, animated "Billy Blue Hair" and his journey through a live-action world.
As much as the rapping granny shtick has been tossed around--everywhere from Adam Sandler's "The Wedding Singer" to a popular novelty act on "America's Got Talent"--there's still no beating a truly old-school blue hair advising youngsters to "get your freak on."
They contain a low level of blue hair dye which, when used regularly, tones down the brassiness on grey, and works on blonde too, making it look cleaner and fresher.
Teenager Heidi Paige lived a pretty ordinary life until she woke up one day with blue hair and the power to control electricity This is just the beginning of her story.
Most editors won't care if you have blue hair and a nose ring, although if you report from the field you should represent your client in a professional manner.