hair coloring

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Synonyms for hair coloring

a dye or tint for the hair


coloring of the hair

the act of dyeing or tinting one's hair

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Instead, what I've found are four unorthodox ways to unlock creativity without a tattoo, all-night jam session or blue hair (although I've secretly pined for each of those at some point).
Everyone thinks I'm barmy for dyeing my hair blue," said Kerrie, who had a permanent blue hair dye put on by Michelle Hall, owner of Making Waves hair salon owner at the Southlands Centre in Middlesbrough.
She has ditched last year's short blue hair look and hopes to bag a man, saying: "I had a lot of love from the girls side.
Young girls had their hair made up for Eid with bright pink, yellow or blue hair bands and colourful new dresses.
We meet Karou, a gifted art student who fills her sketchbooks with strange creatures, has bright blue hair, tattoos on her palms and speaks many languages.
COLOUR Beth Heron, eight, with blue fingernails, while Ray Blythe shows off her blue hair with youngsters at Fidget Hairdressers.
Japanese graphic designer Kei drew a 16-year-old girl with flowing blue hair named Hatsune Miku-Japanese for "first sound" and "future," respectively.
Four other youngsters are unhappy that they have also been ticked off for having red or blue hair.
Summary: Popstar Katy Perry has ditched her post-Russell Brand blue hair and dyed it purple.
This year, Perry arrived wearing sky-high blue hair that complemented a full-length baby blue sparkly gown with plunging back.
I just got bored of it but I had not thought about making cheese at all," says Phil, whose uniform these days is a set of white overalls and a blue hair net.
Forget Perry's blue hair or Rihanna's bright red locks -- not something we can pull off in our daily lives (although you might make more of an impact at that work presentation): Minx nails are a cute and easy way to bring a little bit of pop stardom into your life.
Lizz explains: "Whilst Keira is only five and thankfully not requesting blue hair just yet, this issue has got me thinking and I intend to take the stance later down the line that if it's not permanent, I will try not to mind.
Backless gowns, thigh- high slits and blue hair are replacing carefully held pallus and straight blow- dried hair.