hair coloring

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Synonyms for hair coloring

a dye or tint for the hair


coloring of the hair

the act of dyeing or tinting one's hair

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She could go online and generate her hair blue, come up with scenarios where she wouldn't want to have blue hair and then, if she still wants it and has really thought it through, then maybe let her do it.
Piggy Chops goes for super short, blue hair and funky accessorising.
Midnight BLue hair studio presented Cuban jazz greats, the Ello Villafranca Quintet, featuring Dave Valentin, Charles Flores, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, and Juan Castellanos, for an exclusive Valentine's Day performance to benefit The Ray of Hopa Project, a non-profit organization that provides home repairs to low income families in Philadelphia.
As much as the rapping granny shtick has been tossed around--everywhere from Adam Sandler's "The Wedding Singer" to a popular novelty act on "America's Got Talent"--there's still no beating a truly old-school blue hair advising youngsters to "get your freak on.
Marge Simpson's sky-high blue hair is primped for the big screen.
What would you prefer: Armani suit or body warmer, ear plugs and sky blue hair net?
They contain a low level of blue hair dye which, when used regularly, tones down the brassiness on grey, and works on blonde too, making it look cleaner and fresher.
Teenager Heidi Paige lived a pretty ordinary life until she woke up one day with blue hair and the power to control electricity This is just the beginning of her story.
Most editors won't care if you have blue hair and a nose ring, although if you report from the field you should represent your client in a professional manner.
5 Experiment with crazy colors--like blue hair or purple skin.
As Chilean kids travel and see more of the world, green and blue hair, body piercing and public nudity is associated with freedom.
Like someone with blue hair who organizes poetry slams.
With almost Olympian condescension, he speaks of the complete lack of "theological sophistication" of his early elementary school teachers, whom he refers to as "largely unmarried spinsters with blue hair and not much education, theological or otherwise", parroting age-old truths, sexually repressed, and "drenched in an obsession with sexual morality".
Marc Hall, a 17-year-old with spiky bright blue hair, "took his school board to court after officials said he could not bring his 21-year-old boyfriend to the dance.
Among the many contenders for buyers' dollars were several outstanding introductions that showed good taste in America is not just a sweet ideal held to by little old ladies with blue hair, but a commercially viable concept.