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a rare type of peridotite that sometimes contains diamonds

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19th century "Sevres" lidded vase with ormolu mounts painted with figures on a gilded and jewelled blue ground.
Until one was discovered in Dartmoor in 1994, the blue ground beetle was thought to have been nonexistent in Britain.
Branching out from their strength in series television, the trio has together and independently added to their credits with Trial By Fire, the second North of 60 movie set for an airdate in the first quarter of 2000; the first one, In the Blue Ground, aired in March 1999.
Artists confirmed to appear include Thomas Mapfumo, Donna the Buffalo, Solas, Keith Secola, Jones Benaly American Indian Dance Troupe, Preston Frank, Charmaine Neville, Samite, Second Hand Dance, Campbell Bros, Walter Mouton, Bubba George Stringband, The Hix, Keith Frank, Black Fire, John Specker, Colorblind James Experience, Very Be Careful, Mecca Bodega, Bernie Milton, Entrain, Hank Roberts, Jenny Stearns, Perfect Thyroid, Jo Seraperre, Sunny Weather, Lost Sailors, Good Dog Bad Dog, The Goners, Valerie, Johnny Dowd, Flying Clouds, Blue Ground Undergrass, Jim Lauderdale, Organic Groove Farmers, Los Pochos, Justin Hines, Darling Clementines, Ithaca Ballet, Swing Kids, Go Figure, Zydeco Experiment, Jenn Wertz, Nedy Arevalo, Plastic Nebraska, and many more
In the Blue Ground may not be Native directed, written or produced but this movie just may be one of a handful of films where the audience won't even notice the ethnicity of the main characters.
Super striker Darren Huckerby broke new Sky Blue ground when he show-boated his way to his second hat-trick in successive weeks and his third for the club.
Mounding and trailing types--like blue ground morning glory, cranesbill, Diascia, lavender, Mexican daisy, santolina, Verbena peruviana, and yarrow--can be trimmed to tight mounds about 2 to 4 inches tall.
Traditionally woven with a royal blue ground color, this powerful carpet features a wide spectrum of skillfully dyed jewel tones, notably in the saffron yellow of the main border as well as in its striking azure blue and various green accents.
It's decorated, in typical Worcester style, with vignettes of exotic or 'fancy' birds and flowers, framed with gilding, and set against an attractive scale blue ground.
The vehicle features a matt black paint job, along with a light blue ground effect kit, 20-inch 'Gianna Crown' alloys with mild blue accents, and a chrome finish for the front grille, window surrounds and side steps.
On the wall hung Barack Obama's once-hypnotizing slogan, YES WE CAN, rendered in capital letters formed out of white negative spaces in a blue ground of precise and tight linear pattern, executed in ballpoint pen.
The piece is signed by Alboin Birks but its pounds 300-400 valuation reflects the fact it has been restored' a blue ground bowl decorated with 18 cherubic figures busying themselves carrying fruit and preparing food, the central figure seated at a desk bearing the word 'Recipe'.
One pattern, called Lulu, a print with geometric circles on neutral cool blue ground, will be on the shelves on Jan.
With more projects like The Rez, In the Blue Ground and the feature film Smoke Signals being made, Keeper sees Native films becoming more accessible to mainstream audiences without compromising cultural integrity.
CBC cancelled its long-running series North of 60, but Alberta Filmworks's producers Doug MacLeod and Tom Dent-Cox just wrapped four weeks of shooting In the Blue Ground, a North of 60 television movie.