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bluish edible crab of Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of North America

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Blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus Rathbun) are subject to a significant commercial fishery on the coast of Texas, harvested at a rate surpassed only by shrimp and oysters (in total organisms landed) (Sutton & Wagner 2007).
Blue crabs enter pots in a direction parallel to their carapace width such that this dimension is perpendicular to the face of the opening that the crab enters (Guillory and Merrell, 1993).
Rebecca Bromley, Anglian Water's Coastal Catchment Manager, said: 'We have painted the blue crabs near the rain drains so that they act as a visual reminder of the fact that what goes down these drains is going straight to the beach and sea.
Blue crabs, boasting a high nutritional value, are on the menus in tourist restaurants in the area.
Magalona has a thriving blue crab industry, and there are plans to establish a local conservation area for the crabs.
Reproduction in blue crabs includes an extensive, pheromone-mediated courtship, followed by copulation, storage of sperm, and internal fertilization of eggs (Jivoff et al.
"Mumbo sauce is the proper condiment for blue crabs," Moon said, tongue planted firmly in cheek.
Caption: Red tide-killed blue crabs. Billy Norris photo.
Zoeae, the pelagic larval phase of blue crabs, develop in surface waters over the continental shelf from the mid-Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico (Epifanio, 1988).
Each trip description includes an essay on a related organism or concept, such as blue crabs, biodiversity, climate change, oysters, conservation and preservation, the origins of the Chesapeake Bay, and the bats of Maryland, as well as written directions to launch points and information on other outdoor recreational opportunities nearby, the distance, difficulty, hazards, highlights, and nearby canoe/kayak rentals, in addition to a link to tide information, links to more information, the street address, and GPS coordinates.
Relying on skills learned from his grandfather, the resourceful boy embarks on a seaside adventure, casting for fish, digging for clams, and setting traps for blue crabs. In the process he learns that the only thing better than a basket full of crabs or a bucket full of clams is a heart full of appreciation for the natural wonders of the bay.
A review of incidental fishing mortalities of blue crabs. In Proceedings: blue crab mortality symposium.
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