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cheese containing a blue mold

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If you're a lover of blue cheese, this one's the stop for you!
If desired, you can use sharper types of blue cheese such as Gorgonzola or Roquefort instead of Cambozola.
Alternatively, port is a great match, especially if you follow the pudding with a slab of blue cheese. TRY: Fresquito Pedro Ximenez 2014, Marks and Spencer, PS9 M Signature LBV Port 2009, Morrisons, PS9.99 WITH MINCE PIES Mince pies with dried fruit, nuts and buttery pastry are a pretty complex mouthful.
Hints and Tips Stilton, Ribblesdale Blue or Roquefort cheese can be used instead of the creamier blue cheeses.
Lynn Giacomini Stray with Point Reyes' new blue cheese dips.
"Blue cheese is great in salads, but also in soups, melted into pasta, and--although it sounds crazy--with gingersnaps."
Blue Plate Special DemoYou've heard of "Blue Plate Specials," but maybe not in connection with blue cheese. Consider having a series of cooking demos centered around the delicious and versatile blue cheeses in your case.
"We carry European blue cheeses and Australian blue cheeses, and we've had a really good response to the Golden Ridge cheese," Logsdon said.
Notes: Blue cheeses such as gorgonzola and cambozola have a rich, nutty flavor; Danish blue tastes sharper.
has launched a new line of prepackaged blue cheeses from Saga.
I've also chosen to use dolcelatte cheese - which is creamy and not quite as strong as many other blue cheeses - but, as ever, you can change the cheese to suit your preferences.
The combination of cheddar and blue cheeses is meant to create a new taste sensation and add zest to grilled hamburgers and steaks, as well as green salads and side dishes.
Blue cheeses. These cheeses range from crumbly and sharp to smooth and subtle.
The Rosenborg brand is America's best-selling line of Imported Blue Cheeses. Rosenborg Mellow Blue Danish, Noble Blue, Extra Creamy Danish Blue, and Traditional Danish Blue have all been awarded the American Tasting Institute's "Gold Medal" and the "Best of Show Gold Taste Award" each year from 2001 to 2005.
Among the vast and varied types of cheese that are made around the world, blue cheeses are unique for several reasons, not the least of which is the rather precarious attitude many consumers have about them.