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a report published by the British government

a register of persons who are socially prominent

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a blue booklet used in universities for writing examinations

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The Indian Blue Books has recognised Germany-based Volkswagen (Xetra: VW), with the 'Most Improved Residual Value Brand 2019' Residual Value Awards.
YOUNG, female, affluent and living in the big city: this is the profile of most of the millions of Chinese who have turned to yoga, according to a path- breaking and first- ever official Chinese research report or " blue book" into the recent yoga explosion in the Middle Kingdom.
Fitch's Blue Books are almanac-style volumes with a tiered approach dependent on investor interest and focus.
And savvy dealers know not to use their Blue Books to argue prices.
The cornerstone of his success was producing little blue books selling at five cents each.
So when I asked for blue books, Gaby hid her perplexity over the definition of a blue book from me and then looked up the subject online the moment she got home from school.
One way to measure how long an Oregonian has been interested in public affairs is to count the number of Blue Books on his or her bookshelf.
This useful paradigm is equally applicable to the Little Blue Books, which share with their predecessors a complex and shifting relationship to working-class social and political formations.
Stamps explains that "blue books" often list inflated retail prices to protect the car dealers, their biggest subscribers.
Haseman's office stands a floor-to-ceiling bookcase lined with identical powder blue books. These are Haseman's pride and joy: 500 technical reports representing rodent carcinogenicity assays conducted over the past 20 years for the National Toxicology Program (NTP).
Oral Sex: Bad Taste And Hard To Swallow, is published by Blue Books at pounds 9.95, but as a reader of this column you can buy a copy for just pounds 4.95 - saving a very healthy pounds 5.
I find myself on many a cold winter night selecting from one of many "Blue Books" I own to revisit some of the information contained in each and every title.
blue books, will give you this price and/or the used car resale value of that particular make and model.