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During the minute-and-a-half clip a bartender was filmed preparing the four super-strength drinks: The Brain Blower - Chilli sambuc-ca and Jack Daniel's whisky; Spit of Swallow - Tequila and Corkys liqueur; Black Gold - German digestif Jag-ermeister and a Goldschlager, a Swiss cinnamon schnapps; and Blue Berry - Barcardi rum and Corkys liqueur.
On the dessert side, the restaurant's star plate is the blue berry, chocolate and tofu-cream mix.
Cakes like Chocolate Truffle, White Chocolate Truffle, Black Forest, Mocha, Blue Berry Cheese Cake, Fresh Fruit Gateaux, Sacher and Eggless are available from Rs.
This flavor, Jamaica Blue Berry, has a nice clean taste, although the taste does linger a little.
Added to Bartlett's product line recently are blue berry wines blended with wines from grape varieties imported from California, creating a blueberry-Sangiovese and a blueberry-Zinfandel.
"The company is importing different varieties of berries like Blue berry, Straw berry and Raspberry fruits from North America while Mango, Peaches, Banana etc fruits are being procured from Indian markets," he added.
At the same time, Bai will add a new flavor, Kenya Peach, to its current line of antioxidant infusions, which includes Tanzania Strawberry, Mango Kauai and Jamaica Blue Berry.