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an infant born with a bluish color

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The Blue Baby syndrome is caused by consuming high nitrate content in drinking water," Dr Naresh Lohchab, physician and surgeon in Qutabgarh, says.
John Bowman -- the Winnipeg Rh Institute was formed in 1969 to manufacture and distribute WinRho, used to prevent hemolytic disease -- Blue Baby syndrome -- in newborns.
In babies, nitrate contamination can lead to methaemoglobinaemia, or blue baby syndrome, where normal Hb is oxidized to metHb, which is unable to transport oxygen to the tissues.
There is evidence that High Nitrate concentrations in infants can be deadly and may cause what's known as Blue Baby Syndrome.
During the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille, further 10 million euros was pledged by France ''The deteriorating situation of the aquifer - said UFM - has a clear health impact, noting especially Blue Baby Syndrome due to nitrate poisoning.