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Marine biologists who have been studying the marine biodiversity in the state's coastline spotted the pair of mother and calf blue whales, the largest mammals in the world, some 3 kms off the coast of Sindhudurg recently.
The ship heads to the Balleny Islands first to conduct the humpback whale research, before heading east in search of blue whales.
Jack wrote back saying, "It would be a daunting task to recover, clean and prepare one of these Blue Whales [he wasn't kidding], but this weekend four of these whales were pushed ashore very near to Bonne Bay on Newfoundland's Southwest coast.
California blue whales range from Alaska to the Gulf of California.
There are only six more games to go and the Blue Whales won't figure in the post-season games as they are now ranked 13th of the league's 18 teams with a 12-16 record.
Scientists, however, were surprised by the reaction of blue whales -- the world's largest animal -- long thought to be immune to the high-pitched sounds.
Goldbogen, a postdoctoral researcher at Cascadia Research Collective, and his colleagues found the move after they attached suction cup multi-sensor tags to the Blue whales foraging in the waters off of southern California.
Blue whales are believed to be the largest animals in the world and are rarely seen, according to local media.
THIS incredible shot shows spectacular blue whales in Irish waters.
Some whales, such as the right whale, are content to just skim along, but many large baleen whales like humpbacks, blue whales and fin whales have adopted this "lunge feeding" strategy.
Ocean Giants Sunday, BBC 1, 9pm Prepare to feel small and insignificant as underwater cameramen Doug Allan and Didier Noirot follow the largest marine mammals, including fighting humpback whales and 200-tonne blue whales.
The team identified the Blue Whale, an ideal name since the mammal, said to be the largest in existence, can reach speeds of up to 50kph while communicating with other blue whales across the vast oceans.
They also tracked the movements of blue whales for 36 hours.
Answers: 1) baleen; 2) mammals; 3) killer whales; 4) blue whales and humpback whales; 5) eighty Bonus: Students are asked what baleen is.
I looked at the social groups of blue whales and how the young male is more likely to be a loner and go off on his own apart from the others.