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the whitish fibrous membrane (albuginea) that with the cornea forms the outer covering and protection of the eyeball

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These include blue sclera, dentinogenesis imperfecta, hyperlaxity of ligaments and skin, hearing impairment, and presence of wormian bones on skull radiographs.
Blue sclera was present in her physical examination.
We found 1 (3.57%) patient each with blue sclera, iris coloboma, microphthalmos and Marfan's: congenitally displaced lens.
He had a diagnosis of OI clinically with the presence of recurrent fractures, short stature, blue sclera, and dental problems.
[sup][1] classified the OI into four subtypes including type I: Mild, common, with blue sclera; type II: Perinatal lethal form; type III: Severe and age-related progressive deformity, with normal sclera; and type IV: Moderate severity with normal sclera.
OI patients typically manifest blue sclera, brittle teeth (Dentinogenesis imperfecta) and presence of wormian bones on skull radiographs.