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a building (or room) where dead bodies are kept before burial or cremation

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The Blue Room portrays a chain of sexual encounters between a range of characters.
A New Theatre spokesman said: 'When we went on sale with the Blue Room, front row seats were the first to go.
A previous production of "The Blue Room," skedded for late 2001 with Elle Mac-pherson and Paul Bishop, was canceled due to flaccid tix
IT'S enough to make Corrie crimper Maxine Peacock's hair curl - actress Tracy Shaw in the steamy play The Blue Room. The drama, which saw Nicole Kidman baring all in London's West End, is the opening play in the new season of high class drama at Cardiff's New Theatre.
THE BLUE ROOM BOYS, a San Francisco swing band, will make its Eugene debut at 9:30 p.m.
The sociability of the bar and ground floor gives way to the quiet black and cream formality of the first floor and private sophistication of the Blue Room above.
Amid blasts of dub and slabs of old school techno, old favourites like The Blue Room and, of course, Little Fluffy Clouds were fired out by Patterson with a wee bit of help from a couple of anonymous knob-twiddlers.
When bedrooms were divvied up on the season opener, the four girls chose the Blue Room and the Red Room, leaving Mike, Malik and Kevin in this room, a study in romantic femininity are what Gen Y girls don't want?
In contrast to the bustling "public square," a final, cozy, blue room hinted at Kalman's afterlife (a video made during his last months was set into the wall) and illustrated his overarching philosophy.
Australian Nicole is fighting a severe bout of flu, but she has refused to go off sick from The Blue Room, playing in New York.
The all Louis program includes the premiere of The Blue Room, with a commissioned score by Scott Killian to be performed live.
The announcement was made at a press conference held in the Blue Room at City Hall.
11 (ANI): Melania Trump's soft side was witnessed on Tuesday when a boy from a visiting group of students accidentally spilled a glass of water at the Blue Room in the White house.