Blue Ridge Mountains

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a range of the Appalachians extending from southern Pennsylvania to northern Georgia

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00 Follow the Fall Colours This feast of 'East Coast Highlights' ablaze with autumn colours features visits to Boston, New York, scenic Virginia - including the Blue Ridge Mountains and colonial Fredericksburg - and all-powerful Washington, 'D.
Until someone has experienced all four seasons of this amazing city, they simply can't have a full appreciation of Asheville, the Blue Ridge Mountains, or southern Appalachia.
The buildings at Humpback Rock are a great example of the colonial farm structures in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Michael Sutton will be leaving behind Newcastle-based design firm SUMO on Saturday to trade places with his opposite number at a design firm based in Greenville, at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina, USA.
Lemon City, I decided, would be nearly tucked away at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Located in the heart of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains, our Natural Health Retreat Center is nestled on a private 24-acre estate, just 6 miles north of Asheville, North Carolina.
The Blue Ridge Mountains took millions of years to develop into the striking vista it is today.
The article profiled one commercial orchard on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Front Royal.
After the Ozarks comes the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina, Big Bear and other Los Angeles recreational areas, southern Wyoming, the Cascade Mountains in southern Oregon, and the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead.
I can look out my window and see the tops of the Blue Ridge Mountains, about 30 miles away.
Filmed in the lush Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, the movie tells a peculiar, sometimes pat, but never uninteresting story of academic curiosity clashing and meshing with proud, skeptical folkways.
The watershed of Paine Run, located on the western flank of the Blue Ridge Mountains, has remained undisturbed by human activity--with one exception, which originates far from its confines.
is a relatively large city of 96,000 people in the predominantly rural Blue Ridge mountains of southwest Virginia.
Legacy International's Global Youth Village, a youth-leadership summer camp situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, has openings for the food service staff in their vegetarian kitchen.
As the westward movement picked up momentum, pioneers sang this song, and it became one of the most popular on the frontier, far from the Blue Ridge Mountains.
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