Blue Ridge Mountains

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a range of the Appalachians extending from southern Pennsylvania to northern Georgia

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Blue Ridge Mountain Sports is a specialty outdoor equipment and apparel company that was started in 1972 by a student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.
It covers 29 counties in those two states as it winds its way along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Asheville is a popular destination during the summer and fall months, but many seasonal visitors have never had the opportunity to experience the joys of winter in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
00 Charleston, Savannah & the Blue Ridge Mountains Flying from London Heathrow Departs August, September, October, November 2015, May, June & August 2016 This hugely popular escorted tour is crammed with the sights and sounds of the colonial South.
But if the values differ substantially, as they do across watershed boundaries along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains (thick white line), that's a sign that the river networks are still evolving and that the ridge is shifting.
00 Charleston, Savannah & the Blue Ridge Mountains Two of America's most likeable 'Southern Belle' cities, Charleston and Savannah, Virginia's breath-taking Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park and allpowerful Washington, DC are all highlights of this marvellous holiday.
The band are joined by support act Blitzen Trapper for a percussive take on Blue Ridge Mountains that brings the night to a joyous conclusion.
Hall, who grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and the nonprofit FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Inc.
A young designer will be swapping the Cheviots for the Blue Ridge Mountains when he takes part in a job swap programme.
She also volunteered to take a group of adults with developmental disabilities to Blowing Rock, a quaint village nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, for four days.
I remember riding in the back seat of our gold, 1964 two-door Ford Galaxy, cowering at the sight of the extraordinary Blue Ridge Mountains that appeared to be like giant walls holding up the sky.
Located in the heart of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains, our Natural Health Retreat Center is nestled on a private 24-acre estate, just 6 miles north of Asheville, North Carolina.
The Blue Ridge Mountains took millions of years to develop into the striking vista it is today.
The article profiled one commercial orchard on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Front Royal.
After the Ozarks comes the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina, Big Bear and other Los Angeles recreational areas, southern Wyoming, the Cascade Mountains in southern Oregon, and the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead.
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