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Synonyms for blue-ribbon

Synonyms for blue-ribbon

selected or chosen for special qualifications


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Blue Riband has been made in Britain since 1936 and is primarily consumed by the UK market.
Nestle stressed that, of the 298 potential redundancies announced back in April, only 80 are directly related to Blue Riband, which is made in Fawdon, and that the proposed changes relate mainly to changing shift patterns.
The Blue Riband wafer bar, launched in 1936, is made in Fawdon, Newcastle.
Math Roberts who won the instrumental Blue Riband for <B16 to 19-year-olds
The last Atlantic liner to hold the Blue Riband was the United States, which was designed for her potential use as a troopship as well as her service as a commercial passenger liner.
Quite rightly, several southern based trainers, including Charlie Lister and John Mullins, decided that four runs in nine days and the travelling involved would make it impossible for their greyhounds to perform to their best, and re-routed several top stars such as track record holder Toosey Blue to the Blue Riband instead.
Six dogs --Ashley Bingo, Droopy's Oasis, Farloe Hack, Lodgeview Flash, Moonroe Micko, Orient Ron --will race for the pounds 7,500 William Hill Blue Riband Final which will be televised live on Sky Sports and feature in a special Central TV report later this week, presented by Hall Green regular Gary Newbon.
The first race for the Blue Riband for the fastest Atlantic crossing took place in 1838 between the Sirius and the Great Western.
MORE than 100 Tyneside jobs are at risk as confectionary giant Nestle proposes switching production of the Blue Riband biscuit to Poland.
Food giant Nestle has been accused of "exporting jobs rather than chocolate" after saying it wants to cut 110 jobs at its factory in Fawdon, Newcastle, because of plans to switch production of the Blue Riband biscuit to one of its plants in Poland.
The firm are also moving production of their popular Blue Riband chocolate biscuit to Poland.
THE Wendy Fair Blue Riband always seemed to produce a four-bend champion in the days when my weekly greyhound itinerary comprised Wembley or Ramsgate (Mondays), Wimbledon (Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays), Catford or Hove (Wednesdays) and Walthamstow (Thursdays).
LIVERPOOL Harrier Oliver Back won the blue riband 100m race at the Northern Ireland Championships.
The ex-French gelding, trained by Nicky Henderson, is now enjoying a well-deserved break after becoming the first six-year-old to win the blue riband at Cheltenham since Mill House in 1963.
And surely a photo of Meirion Jones of Llangynhafal who won the blue riband prize for singers should have been in your paper.