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Regardless of the type of hair coat, collies are sable, tricolor, or blue merle, with white markings.
Using the IATC - funded by regional development agency Advantage West Midlands - Blue Merle has been able to move into Poland, France, Canada, China and the Caribbean.
Blue Merle, on the Island/Def Jam label, emerged from the Nashville rock scene.
As my blue merle has made history, perhaps Vera Lynn will re-release her famous hit.
The prize store sale was sponsored by Blue Merle, care of Peter Phillips, and the auctioneers were Clee, Tompkinson and Francis of Llandovery.
This cross collie dog with blue merle colouring is looking for a new home.
Alton-based Blue Merle has just signed up to a joint venture with a Chinese company to market its homeopathic remedies for farm animals.
Blue Merle Ltd, based in Alton, Staffordshire, is one of the leading suppliers of homoeopathic, herbal, vitamin and yeast-based products for farm animals in the UK and through its director Derek Robson, of Low Row, Brampton, supplies farmers in Northumberland, Durham and Cumbria.
Mick, a six-year-old blue merle collie dog, pictured in March 1993 with Katie Garston (who played Annie), and Nicki Jones, was chosen for the part of the stray dog Sandy in Colwyn Bay Light Opera''s production of Annie.
Tina and Chandi Tina always wanted a Blue Merle Border Collie and just over 11 years ago she met Chandi who was dumped at Telford dog pound aged four months.
The 12-year-old blue merle dog topped the judge's scorecard when running a trial at Gwyddel Ffynydd, Bryncrug, Tywyn, in the autumn.
The sale's new sponsor was animal health company Blue Merle - c/o David Jarman - who presented the five category winners with pounds 30 vouchers.
Amongst these cute canines is three-legged blue merle collie cross Jack who doesn't let his disability phase him.
She is described as at least part 'blue merle', a breed of collie which is characterised by piercing blue eyes and silver fur, and has tan socks.
The pre-sale show was sponsored by animal health company, Blue Merle Ltd, with local representative David Jarman of Llanidloes presenting the awards.