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SWEET TOOTH: Former rescue dog Berezi, a Blue Merle Border Collie, who was born deaf, blind in one eye and with limited sight in the other, now lives with Lee Hughes of Newsome
Using the IATC - funded by regional development agency Advantage West Midlands - Blue Merle has been able to move into Poland, France, Canada, China and the Caribbean.
Blue Merle, on the Island/Def Jam label, emerged from the Nashville rock scene.
As my blue merle has made history, perhaps Vera Lynn will re-release her famous hit.
ANIMALS FOR HOMES Megan (692) is a blue merle Border collie.
She points out that Chandi, the blue merle collie she rescued from Telford dog pound, is only 11 - which makes her a sprightly 77 in human years.
Later she rescued 11-year-old blue merle collie Chandi (above) from a pound.
He's also bred Welsh sheepdogs Bob, a blue merle, and all-black Pero - the 10th generation of his family.
The prize store sale was sponsored by Blue Merle, care of Peter Phillips, and the auctioneers were Clee, Tompkinson and Francis of Llandovery.
This cross collie dog with blue merle colouring is looking for a new home.
Alton-based Blue Merle has just signed up to a joint venture with a Chinese company to market its homeopathic remedies for farm animals.